Saturday, August 14, 2004

This is getting too predictable

Im starting to hate ranting about how DLSU gets clobbered in a Saturday match...

Is it something wrong with the system? Is it some sort of interplayer rivalry? Or just a string of bad luck for the boys?

70-58. WTF is that?!!

This has got to be FEU's most dominant game ever since they massacred the Eagles in both games of last year's finals. Arwind santos was just happily swatting away any DLSU attempts in the inside, while their guards Miranda and Rizada made sure the Archers committed a helluva lot of turnovers.

Sigh. I only saw the last 6 minutes (i think we were down by 12 that time), but that was enough for me to see that the Archers have completely lost their championship form... Wonder if we'll still reach the finals. Guess Franz is gonna go soon.


Anonymous said...

No leadership. Cardona and Yeo are scorers, not leaders. And Junjun Cabatu? I can't even remember the last time he played a good game.

Then again, this has been a weird season. Ateneo is in the lead despite the absence of King Eagle Larry Fonacier. UE is making waves through the efforts of the Pumarens. And KG Canaleta is simply unstoppable!
Adamson, one of my final four bets for this season, is crumbling. --Orbital

Jennie said...

after watching the first 10 minutes i switched channels. i caught the halftime, saw the scores then turned the tv off. i got curious if dlsu were able to catch up so i turned the tv on to catch the last 2 minutes of the massacre. i shouldn't have watched. haaay...

JriDDles said...

[1] At least La Salle is now playing on an even field: 4-4. Mwhaaahahhaa!

[2] "Something wrong with the system?" No use rationalizing, dude.

[3] "Just a string of bad luck"?" No use being superstitious, dude.

[4] "WTF is that?!!" Here's what: Never play on a Saturday. Not even on WTF: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Better yet, stop playing. Mawahahahaaa.

[2] "Massacred the Eagles?" Galos lang yon!

[3] Napakasaya ng weekend ko, kahit nasa malayo ako. Sigh. Borrowing this famous quotation I read from a green ranter, "I wish they'd be more of those this season."

[4] Peace. :P Thanks for the link.

solo flite said...

Orbit: Yeah, much as i hate to admit it, Ateneo's doing very well. That new guy japet is swatting away shots like a volleyball spiker! My final 4 bet will be Ateneo, UE, FEU plus either DLSU (if the team shapes up) or Adamson (it tagupa gets back). As it is, the seasons' still full of surprises.

Jennie: I had it worse. My FEU friend kept texting me on how Arwind santos massacred our front line in the 2nd and 3q... and when i got home i saw the team in full disarray.

Berto: Ang daming hirit ah! Hmm... Apparently Schadenfreude is also an ateneo virtue ;)
In any case, kung galos and championship game, ewan ko na kung ano priorities nyong mga atenista :P Humanda kayo, next DLSU-Admu game is on a sunday. The team ONLY prepares against ateneo... sigh.