Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Memories of an Idiot

I was looking at the last few posts and they've been bordering to near dead-seriousness already. Before my sanity goes overboard, here goes ...


Whenever I feel like an idiot (like today), i try to recall the most idiotic moments of my life and think to myself "Boy, today could have been much worse". And so, here i am reminiscing...


...to a cute lit major:

Girl: "...right now im reading Hugo"

Me: "...Oh I love his works!"

(I knew Les Miserables was NOT Pronounced Less Miserabless)

"In fact Ley Miserabley is really one of my favorites :)"

...to a married woman:

Me: ...ey! Ur Anita Kurishima* right?

MW:...actually, its Anita Quirino now.

Me: ...so...ahhh... Why did u change your name?

MW: Duh.

*Names have been changed to pretend my innocence

...to a gorgeous freshman student council wannabe:

Girl: ...hey wait! Ive talking to you for the past hour... ARE you telling me that you are NOT a freshman??!

Me: I thought it was a good pickup line.

Little Homer Simpson Voice at the back of my brain: DOOOOPE!!!

...while ordering at the McDo counter while dripping wet after being drenched by a July Supertyphoon:

Counter Girl: "1 Hot choco. Anything else sir?"

Me: "I'll have a hot fudge sundae."

Counter girl: "..."

**gives me the most incredulous look i have ever seen on a counter girl**

...to a most honest waitress who picked up my wallet and called me up to give it back:
Me: "Thanks."

(Counts wallet's money in front of her.)

Me: "Thanks again!"

...while ordering at the Jollibee drivethru counter:

Drivethru girl: "Sir, One Champ meal, go large, One palabok fiesta, One hot fudge sundae and Peach Mango Pie... Anything else sir?"

Me: "Thats all."

DTG: "How about your drink?"

Me: "Diet Coke"

DTG: "..." **Gives me the most incredulous look i have ever seen on a drive thru girl**

Me: *sheepish voice* "...im on a diet?"

...while calling a pretty girl at her house AFTER her phone curfew:

The Sleepy Dad Answering: *Yawn* "HELLo?" *Yawn*

Let me pause at this stage. Normally, when i dial the wrong number, or when someone i dont like answers the phone, I usually have a built in excuse randomly picked from my ever dependable mental list of excuses. And here i go using one of them. Back to the story.

Me: "Uhh... is this ...Tech Support?"

The Sleepy Dad Answering: "This is tech support."

Me: *panicky voice* "Oh shit"

The Now Awake Dad Answering: "Who is this please?"

*Dial Tone*


Which only goes to show that i am at my mentally worst whenever theres a pretty girl involved... or im just damn hungry.

I will end this public show of humiliation while you still has some respect for me...

As if there ever was... :)


Anonymous said...

there are limits to a man's brightness. bwahaha! liked the one with the married woman...-krystal

Anonymous said...

joy here...

some of these scenes are very familiar. :)

Life said...

Man I'm glad I don't go around saying stupid things like "uh...is this Tech Support?" hahaha...

Anonymous said...

margoyle here... (a.k.a. your "ex-girlfriend")

joy's right. these do seem very familiar. it's nice to know you can still laugh at yourself. miss you lots.

Anonymous said...

funny!!! -->s7even

Anonymous said...

was browsing through your previous posts..this is funny.

aYa said...

i have more respect for you now that you confessed those "memories" of yours..haha. only a handful out there have the guts to actually admit those kind of things :)

this post reminded me why my cousins used to call me, aya the idiot.. while driving i decided to sing along (really loud) to the craig david song, "3 B one, and the crowd say bo seleta.." then i found out right after that it was "Re-re-wind..."

enjoy your weekend!

Pinoy Ako! - myepinoy said...
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Anonymous said...

this is sooo funny! really made me laugh! =)

Shelly said...

Hilarious stuff ;) Hope you have better luck this time around hehe.

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