Thursday, August 12, 2004

Speaking of Murphy's Law...

From a Pinoycentral Article---

Highly touted guard LA Tenorio, who was second in the Most Valuable Player (MVP) race after the first round with 62.43 statistical points, soaked up in his worst performance as a Blue Eagle, as he failed to score a single point in 30 minutes. He managed to haul down eight rebounds and six assists but had six errors and shot a wretched 0-of-5 from the field.

Sorry bout that LA. If its any consolation, I'll send you a copy of my previous post :)


Just my luck.

The one Ateneo game I didn't see, was the best one so far.

Tonight, all I could really think about was the Ateneo-UE game this afternoon. Im a bit high on alcohol, but I'll try to be tactful with my bloggy exclamations...

ATENEO LOST!!!!!!! Mwahahhahahaha!!!!
Buti Nga!!!

So sorry, I forgot there are Atenean readers here... what I really meant was...

Kudos to the UE Red Warriors for finally beating the crap out of the Ateneans and ending their tyrranical 7-0 Run!!!

...Hmmm.... that didnt come out right either... Ahem...

Congratulations to a Pumaren for finally bringing down the Blue Eagles!!!!

Arrgghh... tactless yet again... I'll get it right this time... Promise...

That was really ONE BIG FIGHT this afternoon!!! Hope we have more of those this season!!! :)

There... Nice and Tactful :) Have a great day everyone!!! :)


graveyaaaarrd_zombie said...

haha! katuwa naman. sana wla magalit na atenean. hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

Ateneo lost?!? What a shocker!

I guess UE and not Adamson is the real giant-killer of this season.

lost in california said...

i couldn't have worded it any better! ha!

Anonymous said...

animo la salle! :D

bebeLabs said...

it happens to the best of us... ! =)

JriDDles said...

[1] The gospel of Descartes (the concept of duality, as taught in Ateneo Philosophy 101):

What is the meaning of good without the presence of evil? How sweet is victory without the experience of defeat?

[2] The gospel of sufferance:

"Hope we have more of those this season!!! :)"

Nakatikim lang kayo ng isang slice, you want to have the whole cake and eat it too. From one christian school to another: Ateneo will spare you from committing glutonny.

Magutom kayooo, mwahaahhaaa!!!!!

[3] The gospel of schadenfreude.

Best heard from a La Sallite.

Anonymous said...

haha. you and your demented ways of presenting things. love them though. i'm also tactless when writing most of the time. i just manage not to publish them though.


mads said...

Saw the game yesterday and i was very impressed with UE, their guards were great! Tiu I think was the best scorer in the Ateneo camp.

Anonymous said...


alcohol or no alcohol...very well said, LOL.

and for JriDDles and the rest of atenean readers

heck with that. ahahahahaha still. ~grins~


Adrian said...

and UP won its first win in the second round of games!

Penny Lane said...

you should listen to mike enriquez (ehem, plug...) @ DZBB every morning. the way he lambasts ateneans is so funny. he even plays the DLSU alma mater hymn on air.

solo flite said...

Graveyard/Lost: They wont. I said my sentiments as tactfully as i could ;)

Mari/Ann: Animo Lasalle!

Bebe: Sure does... hehe

Berto: Sorry, binagsak ko RELSONE/TWO/TRI ko... ndi ako makarelate sa mga gospels nyo hehehe Schadenfreude is my favorite virtue :)

Mads: Yup. I think so too :) Go UE!

Deslite: Yeah baby! Thats d spirit

Adrian: Oh yeah. That too! May UP beat Ateneo as well :)

Koryn: Actually I do. hahaha I wouldnt be surprised if drivers would start singing the Alma Mater Song once The Archers win the championship... hehe

Jennie said...

hahaha, galeng! loved the way you phrased it. :p ANIMO!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

galit tayo. 5 minutes. rar! ;)