Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Olympic Fever

Athens, 2004

Welcome to the centerstage of teamwork and perfection
Where strength, stamina and agility of the present is pitted against the giants of the past
Where nation goes against nation, and man against fellow man
Where each minute,is like and hour, each second like a minute, each breath like eternity
Where the bar is set another notch, and the records set to be broken
Where heroes fall, but new ones rise to take their place
This is the Olympics. The greatest tournament in the world. ____________________________
I was curious how we fared over the past years.
So I ran a search through google on how many medals we had.
Apparently, until now we havent had a single gold.

What we have though is:

2 silvers and 3 bronzes in Boxing
2 bronzes in Swimming
1 bronze each in High Jump and Hurdles

So traditionally, the pinoys have an edge in boxing and swimming.

What is it with us pinoys?

I could understand why we're so good with swimming.
We need that skill everytime the rainy season starts.
And yes, we do love to practice stroking breast stroking... er the breast stroke a lot.

But besides swimming, its either a bar game like billiards (where we focus all our energy on whacking an inanimate object)...
...or it HAS to have something to do with beating up opponents to a pulp.

This year, we joined Boxing, Taekwondo, Archery and Swimming.
We'd probably have joined Knife-fighting too if it was allowed...
Yeah, our Batangueno cousins would really love that game

Its because we Filipinos fear nothing
We look death in the eye and laugh.
I saw a sign in Edsa this week: "Bawal Tumawid. Nakamamatay"
(translated as: Do Not Cross. You Can Die)
It was obviously ignored.

Or maybe we just join it because the games are just too biased against us pinoys.
I mean, if WE would dictate the games that would be played, I doubt any foreigner would get more than a silver.
Let's see them beat a true blue pinoy in ambidextrous textathon or EDSA-style patintero
Well, i just read the news.
The swimmers are sunk and the boxers look a bit short......
but we still have our hopes up for two categories.
We're looking good in the Taekwondo department, and Jasmine Figueroa just pulled a helluv'an upset.

Way to go Archers!!!!

er... archer :) Wrong game hehe

Anyway, we still have a shot at that elusive gold. Will we finally get our hands on one?


April said...

::leaning back at the corner of the room smoking a cigarette:: Well, what can I say? I'm an American. When it comes to the Olympics? We rock. lol* just messn' with you!

Sassy Lawyer said...

I used to be an avid Olympics follower until the Moscow Olympics and the boycott. Lost interest. How can some countries whine about politics under the circumstances? Anyway...kulang ang events. The Olympics need to be democritized. Pabilisan gumawa ng bomba in addition to patintero EDSA style.

solo flite said...


Yeah good idea... the gold will be a toss up between our Basilenos and the Afghanis...

You're right, its a bit too politicized. Sigh. Im just too idealistic i guess...

aimee rae said...

Too bad Figueroa lost--and by a measly two points at that.

jillsabs said...

figueroa lost?! awww...shucks :(

angel said...

Hehe, amazing I just posted an entry about the olympics and our country's cute medal-bagging history. Payla just lost a disappointing match today. He's 10 points down! Oh well, we still have 3 taekwondo bets and one more card for boxing.

Anonymous said...

they should add a new category. balot eating competition. lets see who'll bag the gold on that one. haha. its pretty sad we filipino have more chance winning fear factor than olympics. peace tayo ha. hahahaa.


tessa said...

billiards and bowling were never entered in the olympics... had they been, we would've garnered gold long ago :(

Jac said...

Hey you're right! My dad himself loves bowling and is still collecting trophies over fifty ;)

And Solo, we would've had gold in boxing LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG AGO kung hindi lang tayo dinadaya ng mga letseng porendyer na hindi kaya ng pride na magpatalo sa Noypi. EVERY OLYMPICS dinadaya tayo pare! GRRR!

Sassy Lawyer said...

he he he ang manalo dadagsa ang offer to turn pro!