Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Letter to Cupid

Was cleaning up my room and found an old draft i made years ago that never got published. Damn im good ;)


Dear Cupid,

Hi. Remember me? Im the guy you bumped into last week in starbucks? We had a little chat over your millennial coffee break and you told me you'd like to tell me about what you do sometime. Well, i finally stopped procrastinating and started writing.

First of all, I really think you have an enormous amount of dedication to your job. You seem to be shooting arrows at everyone, anytime, anywhwere, regardless of background, gender or history.

I really remember the first time i got stung by your arrows: I didnt know what it was then. All of a sudden, the girl became so perfect in my eyes: everything she did was a masterpiece, every thought a spark of genius. I felt my blood run cold whenver she passed by... and flush red hot whenever she stopped to talk. Her wish was my command, and the genie within me longed to server this new master...

Well, that was a long time ago, and after that, i began to understand the effects of your power over me. Over time, i could suppress the tendency to give in to my heart's every desire, although not entirely. At least, i think got over the lovesick part, or maybe you didnt hit the bulls eye the last few times?

Actually, i suppose im one of the lucky ones. A few of my friends have gone head over heels over their own special someones, did things they would not have normally done sober or otherwise, or have simply gone nuts. For others, the effect was positive- a sudden inpiration or at least a purpose in living.

In any case, do you have control over what happens next or do you just set us up and leave it to our free will to decide what to do? I cant really say for sure which actually happens.

Another thing-- Have you ever missed your mark? I mean, what if you accidentally shot someone who shouldnt have been shot? You know-- The big, muscular guy with the small nerdy girl. Black guys, white girls. Chinese and Pinoys... they're just all over the place!

Dont you know that each race, culture or group has its own standards on what is rightfully right and wrongfully wrong? Why dont you just let these guys love their own - these sort of relationships only cause headaches at the end. Did you really intend this to happen, or were you just kinda shooting at random?

This really hurts when religion, family and friends become a factor. these forces do everything they can do to make two lovers as miserable as possible... and give the 'I told you so' lecture when the relationship ends in ruins. I mean, why be so sadistic as to create a love that was doomed from the start? And dont give me that 'tis better to have loved and lost' routine. Im sick of it.

Here's something you might want to think about. What if that person doesnt want to be in love? What then? Do you force him out of sheer happiness on your part? Is there some sort of antidote to this poison called love? Or do we need a special immunity of some sort? Like, if i get hit five times, the next shot wouldnt affect me as much? I know people who claim they arent affected by your arrows, but all of them, at one time or another, would have felt the power of your arrows?

Do you always shoot in pairs? I know of girls falling into depression because the guys they gloss over probably dont even know they exist. I know of guys with large slap marks on their cheeks who evidently have the same problem. Why should you make this thing called love so one-sided? Shouldnt you make it a little more interactive?

Come to think of it, why is it that you keep hittin me with your arrows? Sometimes i feel as if you fire a volley at me each time coz i always, always get obsessed with two or more girls at a time.

Let me rephrase that last question... Why dont you just make other people madly in love with me. And make sure its the right gender and Genus this time! Is this wish a bit too selfish, or are you just sick of hearing the same wish over and over again?

How long does the effect last anyway? Is there such a thing as true love, or does the warranty simply say 'A hundred years or the person's death, whichever comes first.' I got lovesick a few times with the durations lasting from a few minutes to a couple of weeks. It's whats happened to my friends which bothers me: Theirs last for weeks, months or even years! Am I normal or what? At least tell me how much time it takes before its effects are supposed to wear off.

So be honest with me... What is in each of those arrowheads of yours? Does the BFAD know? Does it have any narcotics we oughta know about? I suppose there would be some sort of neurotoxins in them--- the last time I got hit i couldnt even stammer out a decent sentence. I also think theres something addicting about it... no matter how much i bitch about it, I never could have enough.

Anyways, hope you can get to answer these soon. I need something to give to my editor. Thanks!

Sincerely yours,



And oh yeah. I never did get to finishing the reply... Maybe when im not too tamad to do it...


mads said...

first time to read this post and all i can say is..."amen"! :)

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