Sunday, August 08, 2004

All's Fair

Not blogging for a weekend has made me irritable, sarcastic and strangely philosophical.
Think it's time for a rehab?

One big fight. That's ateneo's cheer. Win or lose, at least they fought a good clean fight. Life's like that right?

Well, im not from Ateneo. A win is a win.

When i was a kid, the school bully did his usual routine and picked me out for a fight. He was strutting around with his posse and set his sights on li'l young me.

Bully: Ano? Kakakasa ka? Sapakan na! (What? Are you up to it? Let's slug it out!)

Me: Er... sorry, im not a fighter. Im a comedian.

Bully: (laughs and looks at his posse) Comedian daw o!! Hahahaha!! Pare, ano yung comedian? (Hahahaha he said he's a comedian? Dude, whats a comedian?)

That was when he looked back at me just in time to see my balled fist hitting his face. I think i broke his nose that day, and i went home with a black eye, but at least I learned one of my first lessons in life.

Life is not fair.

There will always be people bigger, strong, faster, smarter, more influencial and even better looking than you. And they will pick a fight with you sometimes. When that happens, always remember to play fair.

Of course, for me, a fistfight with a six-foot guy can only be called fair after i kick him in the groin and he buckles down to my level so we can see eye to eye.

Anyway, back to life and fairness-- I can't understand people who continually rant at how unfair life is for them. We all have the power to change the game, to make it fairer for us than for anyone else.

You hate traffic? Wake up early. Go to work earlier.

You hate your lovelife? Do your part. And leave if it isnt reciprocated. (Yes. easier said than done)

You hate your boss? Make yourself invaluable. Then bitch about him to someone in management who can help.

You hate your job? Make yourself invaluable. Then apply in another company.

You hate your career? Work on something else on the side. Then switch.

You hate your sucky non-existent lovelife? Try something different (exercise, groom better, maybe try braces or something etc). Then go out and do the moves.

The problem with our society these days, is that theres too much griping and too little doing. It's always, "Why cant i be like..." or "If i were only born...". Or they dont whine, but just go to the second part of the solution without going through the required actions first. And then they bitch about bad luck.

Well, that's life. We are born naked, shivering, hungry and someone slaps our butt.
Then it gets worse.

Its a bitch. Its unfair. We may get trod upon, beaten up or crash down to earth, maybe because we're not strong, smart, goodlooking or influential enough. But it's a game we ultimately have to win.

So let's just do our parts, play fair and not foul out. But make sure we do our best to make it in our favor.


Anonymous said...

"You hate your lovelife? Do your part. And leave if it isnt reciprocated." hmmm. wish it's that easy.

melissa said...

i've been a bully during high in behalf of all the bullies out there..i apologize to those people whom we have hurt physically and emotionally.

You're absolutely right! Instead of hearing endless rants; it'd be a welcome sight to see people starting to make something of their lives.

now if i could just follow my own advice then i'd be okay.

take care, dear!

April said...

Lol, this is a great entry! I'm going to add to add the permalink and showcase ur site. Mwah! Keep up the funny stuff!!

Jac said...

Yeah! Sorta like Rizal in Dapitan. Sure he's thrown there for exile, but he ended up trying to make Dapitan a better place :)