Sunday, August 08, 2004

Great. Not Again

UAAP had a helluva weekend.

First LaSalle lost again in the endgame, to UE this time. Yeo just F$@#!king choked. He had an impeccable penetration game (Was it 6/6 field goals?) and just started shooting blanks FROM THE OUTSIDE! I mean, just stick with the drives Yeo. At least if you miss you at least get to fish for fouls. Leave the Three's to JV and TY. That goes for you too MacMac.

Second, kudos to the Ateneo team for their 7th win in a row. Sige na, ndi na chamba. LA just exploded with 26 points, scoring relentlessly from all angles and hammering down the final nail in FEU's coffin with the most cold-blooded three point shot i've ever seen him make. Helluva ballgame.

And oh yeah, UP won its first game sometime in between these two matches.

I know our team sucks, but then again, all the other teams suck too. There is NO real superstar this year. No one's really a hands-down, kick-ass dominant player in any position. And with that everything just boils down to who wants to win more. Does that mean our team doesnt want to win that much?

Sigh. Should I still hope for another DLSU-ADMU Championship this year? The Archers just screw up in the final minutes... I really dont know why i keep watching.

*Little Voice Inside My head: CHINEE!*

Er... okay. so I know why I keep watching. But I dont have to like it.

*Little Voice Inside My head: CHINEE!*

Okay so maybe I'll like watching.

Animo LaSalle !!!


Jennie said...

hehehe.. you took the words right out of my mouth. i still wonder why i bother watching dlsu's matches, when they choke at the endgame. :p hay... loyal kasi ;)

Jennie said...
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Jac said...

You gotta post a pic of Chinee one of these days ;)