Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Last Rant

That does it. Im through wasting my time with useless bickering.

From now on, I openly declare my hatred of complaining about the same things over and over again.

Its useless, never accomplishing anything, magnifing the problem and keeping you a step behind in getting the solution.

I hate the weaklings around me.
Bitching about the same set of things everyday, hoping that the next morning when they wake up, something miraculous will happen and their lives will be forever transformed.

Yet they do nothing to change their lives.

I hate the cowards of our society.
They were given the opportunity to be the country's hope, to be a shining light in this darkness, the golden boys and girls of our heritage who should have been the cornerstones of our institutions.

Yet they choose not to live for our country.

I hate the drifters in our institutions
They see how much lacking we are in education, the arts, history and patriotism. They are given a chance to change, to believe that something new can be made of our old institutions.

Yet they choose not to change anything

I hate the apathetic citizenry.
They see the abuses in our society, the problems in our systems and the pains of our everyday life. They live each life fully aware of what kind of sick society we live in.

Yet they act as if everything is okay.

I hate the leeches and parasites in our government.
They want to stay in power no matter how useless or even catastrophic they are to the country. They cause or national debt to balloon to unstable proportions, allow our institutions to backslide to the stone ages and aggravate the peace and order in our society.

Yet they cling on nonetheless.

I hate the perpetual antagonists.
Pointing out fault after fault in our government and society, throwing monkey wrenches into ongoing discussions and projects, demanding exceedingly ridiculous achievements within impossibly short periods of time and constantly bemoaning about the good old days.

Yet they refuse to do anything productive in return.

I hate the tambays of society.
They do nothing but laze around, showing of their supposedly manly arrogance at everyone passing by, complaining about how miserable their lives are and how unfair life had been to them.

Yet they refuse to accept the fact that it was they, and their choices that made them who they are.

I hate the heads of our union system.
Wailing each day about how unfair the treatment is to the Filipino workers, and demanding greater and greater concessions from the business sector, onesidedly and deliberately forgetting that without the investors, there would be no workers.

Yet they goad the masa on, creating strike after strike and rally after rally to the detriment of our economy.


I hate useless relatives who believe that by having a tie of blood with you, you somehow owe them something and demand that they be given their share of what you have worked so hard for.

Yet they do nothing for themselves.


I hate the great pretenders of society - Evil religious leaders, the puppeteers, the media greats-- giving false hope to those who desperately need it, playing hero to those who have none, while readying the masa for a fall they would never be able to get up from.

Yet we still believe in them.

And I hate myself.

I hate my body- Weak, sickly, Frail. Time and time again, it has failed me when i needed it the most.

Yet i still abuse it.

I hate my weakness, my indecisiveness. Postponing the calling I have heard long before. Refusing to repay the country in kind for everything it has ever done for me. Failing to live a life that I swore would shine brightly in these dark times.

Yet I still live.

I have no choice.

I must live my life knowing that all of these that i hate will be here to stay.

Only then can i look at these directly in the eye and challenge them, adjust to them or totally accept them.

But i will never complain about them again.


Anonymous said...

my, akala ko mag isa lang ako pagdating sa issue ng family ties... mahirap kasi magsalita.. lam na natin mga mas "nakakatanda"

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