Saturday, August 14, 2004

Impulsive buying

I have been burning money like hell lately. Dropped by the Robinsons Place sale in Ermita and the impulsive shopper in me just broke loose. I think i spent half a months allowance on new shirts, jeans, slacks, ties, gym stuff and shoes. Plus the pasta and the cheesecake i had for lunch.

And after getting home, viewing the last 6 minutes of that FEU massacre, I drove to Makati Cinema Square to burn more money on DVD.

Makati Cinema Square (MCS) has a TON of new DVD offerings this week. From great classics (Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa...etc) to Anime (Cowboy Bebop, Bubblegum Crisis, Hellsing, X, Gungrave...etc) to your normal hollywood flicks our friendly neighborhood piracy advocates have it all. And all for 80 bucks each.


My celebrity sighting for today was Maritoni Fernandez in the DVD mecca. Ironically, this famous movie actress was clutching a bag of pirated DVDs as she passed me by.

Which is fine with me.

The more pirated movies we buy, the less money the movie industry makes, and the less clowns we put in the government.

Im glad the local showbiz industry realizes this :)

While actively hunting for some prized finds, I found myself softly chuckling as the person in front of me bought a copy of the "Best of French Erotica" and "The Passion" by Mel Gibson.

Some people just cant seem to make up their minds.

Among the stuff i bought from MCS are:

Grave* of the Fireflies (Angel/Sarah: This better be good! )
City of God (another movie great)
Rashomon (Akira Kurosawa samurai flick)
Azumi (Cover: Sexy Jap chick. Short Skirt. Big katana. Dead bodies. Nuff said.)
BubbleGum Crisis (Anime Chickflick series)
Kill Bill 2 (Missed this in the theaters)
Van Helsing (This too)
Kagemusha (I never heard of this, but i just HAD to get it since it was directed by Akira Kurosawa AND produced by none other than George Lucas AND Francis Ford Coppola)

Damn. My next problem is finding time to view all of these within the next few weeks.

Luckily, this weekend depleted my gimmick funds to the point of ensuring I'll be going home earlier the next couple of days...

*yup. it was very GOOD :D Thanks to conrad for pointing out the earlier error


G! said...

astig yang graveyard of the fireflies.

jillsabs said...

do not buy pirated cds and cassettes!

sumbong kita kay papa edu!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey aids conrad hir...sue me no blog acct. and fig. i'd check ur blog out :P....k that 2040 or oav ( megatokyo 2032) do they have like stuff that came from 80's and 90's there?? Oh, just a small correction. It's called "Grave of the Fireflies"!!! Btw, it is good!! If you want something similar, I'd suggest "Voice of a Distant Star"!! Since ur a Kurosawa fan...y don't u watch or find the 3 spaghetti western flicks done by Sergio Leonne (Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly). Just a suggestion :P

TECHGUY (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

Glad to be your blog

and the less clowns we put in the government....

i like the way you have put it...


loryces said...

by any chance, did you see a copy of hero? wala kasi dito sa estet eh. papabili ako sa sis ko nyahahaha. :D

Anonymous said...


Dude, asteeeg.


Anonymous said...

hey soloflite, my girlfriend buys pirated dvds at greenhills. 75 bucks lang. i borrow dvds from her.

solo flite said...

G! : Astig nga!

JillSabs: Im so scared haha

Conrad: Thanks for the correction hehe :) fixing it up :D

Techguy: hehehe I was serious :)

loryces: Hmmm... yeah I think Hero was in stock... but finding the right title is mostly luck-based :)

Kat: Yup. I read about it from a number of bloggers ravings :)

Mari: Yeah, used to buy from Greenhills too... but the parking there is just terrible and their selections arent as nice as MCS... The 5 peso diff doesnt justify it :)

Bunny said...

We buy our DVDs in greenhills but they never have hard to find movies there. So I will hop to MCS very very soon. I love love City of God and I have been looking for a DVD copy of Rashomon since forever. Meron kasi VCD lang, ayaw ko naman ng VCD. Thanks for the tip! :D

mads said...

Rashomon is my favorite Kurosawa movie :) Was able to watch 7 Samurai again the other day after all these years...galing talaga!

City of god, it's really different when you watch it in the theaters...shots are great, story was crazy!

I suggest you look for 3 seasons a Vietnamese film, great story and direction. I on the other end is still looking for my Iranian movies by Majid Majidi. hay.

Ri said...

Hmmmm... Dread Pirate Square (a.k.a. MCS) used to be our little secret (ask G!)... but this should be good for business. ;) I remember a few weeks ago I spent rin half a month's budget there. Be careful lang, Papa Edu makes periodic raids (they keep coming back though). Oh, and sometimes I can haggle, especially with my suking Muslim woman somewhere in the corner. If I buy a lot she sometimes gives me a discount. :)

Have you read Jessica Zafra's piece about buying pirated CDs and how you're sticking it to the big corporations and not the artists anyway (who get so little by way of royalties)? I like your train of thought too, teehee!

Jules said...

Wow. dami kang binili dun a. You should go to quiapo where discs there costs P65-70 each. You should try going there, lots of Kurosawa- you should get 7samurai & the sea is watching (kurosawa's last screenplay). Grave of the Fireflies is terrific but depressing. Here's the location if you're interested in venturing there.