Monday, July 05, 2004

Soloflite's Chicken Soup for the Soul

I fell asleep last night at 6pm and woke up at 6am. I was in such a good mood today that i put off going to work til around 730. Beautiful, beautiful day.

And did i mention it was color coding* for The Jaguar?

*for those unfamiliar with the term, it relates to a stupid philippine law where your car, depending on your plate number, is banned from city driving one day every weekday. The next phase, which was to color the plate numbers for easier identification, never took off, but the name stuck.

Anyways, everything is good and even driving color-coding and evading pursuing MMDA has a deeper meaning into it.

Join me as i reminisce today's Lessons in Life.

On my route to work, i always go by the sidestreets and roundabout routes to minimize the chances of being detected. Today, however, I felt it to be such a beautiful day that i proudly drove via Manila's busiest routes.

I almost didnt see an MMDA traffic enforcer hiding behind a potted plant as he tried to jump in front of me. Luckily, my reflexes were top notch after my long rest and i managed to get away from him.

Life's Lesson:
Go for the least-trodden path. The bastards will be watching the other one.


At the busiest, and most MMDA infested intersection in my route, I was trailing behind a jeepney... which without warning, sped past a red light and left me suddenly in front of the intersection, open to the view of the evil traffic cops. So do i follow his example and risk arrest? or do i just stay there and... risk arrest?

Life's Lesson:
When you're following an asshole, be ready for the shit he's gonna put you in.


Theres a cop in hot pursuit right behind me and i am tempted to just give up the chase. But then he'll keep asking me for bribes, stabbing repeatedly at my strong sense of morality until it would give in.

So i just step on the gas.

Life's Lesson
Flee from temptation. And make sure he doesnt catch you.


I fly my way to EDSA and leave the irritating cop running far behind me. As I work my way within the yellow-lane bus territory, another MMDA flunkie spots me. As soon as he flags me down, the bus next to me swerves in a not-so-elegant way. And the MMDA has a new target :)

Life's Lesson
Bigger is not always better. Especially in traffic.


Life is beautiful. I should have more of these leisurely drives to relax me.

Or just sleep more.


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nice one :)

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