Monday, August 16, 2004

It's Alive!!!! The Blog is Aliiiiiiive!!!

Castle Flite-enstein

"Success Igor, success!!! The world will look upon my Genius and weep!!!"

"But mahster..."

"They said it was impossible. They said it cannot be done... But I, I the great Dr. Flite-enstein have done it... I have recreated the blog from the dead!!!"

"But mahster..."

"Mwahahahaha!!! Nothing can destroy this blog!!! Not a random deleted post, not a corrupted template, not even demented hackers or a crash from blogspot.... NOthing!!! It has come back better and badder than before!"

"But... the links section Mahhster!!!!"


"...does this mean i have to go and find more brains for your blog mahsterr?"


Where does Igor plan on picking bloggers brains? Will Dr Flite-enstein finish his evil experiment? What will happen to the Demented Blog?

To be continued...



Having your blog dying on you for some unknown reason is a bad thing. Im fixing up the links section AGAIN. The comments section is below. You know the drill ;)

btw- Since I was updating the template anyway... I added a top picks section. Appreciate any comments on this.


Anonymous said...

hey solo, i thought you deleted your blog. when i clicked the link earlier, it was blank.
what did you do? what did you do? :)

Anonymous said...

reading this entry reminds me of no one else but smeagol and his other self. hehe. yeah, what really happened?


Anonymous said...

i commiserate with you, solo, in all the troubles you've been through: first, the case of your team losing. second, getting your blog defaced? un-faced? no face? third, your team losing decidedly again this coming sunday (this green ranter puts it so well: "this is getting too predictable.") and so the durn karma is back on cycle. make sure to save your files. nostradamus kept a record of his predictions. don't lose yours.

guess who?


solo flite said...


Are you in my links section? ;)

Anonymous said...

I will not confirm nor deny.

The Who

aimee rae said...

So that's why everytime I opened this page I got a gray screen.

Btw, my URL? No underscore between aimee and rae. :)

Clare said...

that happened to my friend once before on blogger too....hasnt happened to me on blogdrive though...

Anonymous said...

well, hindi mo ako ni-link. hahahahaha. bitter...pero k lang un. k lang least it got resurrected. blogger have all these bugs lying all over the place. (sealdi)

Anonymous said...

your blog is back! yay! :D


Jennie said...

i couldn't go to your blog earlier. good to know it's back :)

whappak! (guess why? - hahahaha!)

Anonymous said...

A backup is what you need. --Orbital

cathcath said...

hey my peborit blogger, you got my old url addy.
Now What, Ca t

Jac said...

Whee! My link is there! Thanks! hmm, I'm looking for a new template that LETS me enable comments, myself...