Friday, August 20, 2004

In Blog We Trust

It has been a helluva week for me. Is there a blogging God somewhere who grants us what we blog of?

Angel in particular, wrote a great commentary about procrastination and why nothing ever gets done in the office.
The next day, she's swimming neck-deep in work-related crap.

Art, another blogger reviewed Collateral in his blog.
His next post was about his shitty cashflow.

I had it the worst of all.

I wrote about Murphy's Law.

Early this week I pulled out of our driveway on my way to work.As i was turning the first corner of the day, something went into my eye.

Normally, I would stop, take it out of my eye continue with my life.

But not that day. Oh noooo. I just HAD to do something different.

So I took a quick look at the sidestreet, and seeing absolutely NOTHING in sight, I poked a finger beneath my glasses and rubbed my right eye.
Did I mention that when I do that, the other eye would unconsiously close too?

So I was there blinking for a couple of seconds while i was slowly rolling by.

Then I looked up and saw a car in front of me.

Apparently, one of the gates in the sidestreet houses opened up and the car just slid out. And with me blind for TWO F*Cking seconds, I saw just in time how something moving at 10km/hr could still smash the trunk of a backing car...

Definitely not the way to bump into your neighbor for the first time.

The next day, using the same car, I was happily driving through JP rizal...when suddenly, I heard a loud "POP!" and just spun outta control.

Apparently some asshole left a bent nail in the middle of the road. And it totally totalled my tire.

So there I was changing tires at 8:30 am, wearing a longsleeved shirt, a tie and slippers...
and at the peak of COLOR CODING in the most MMDA infested area of Makati

Damn scary. Fun, but scary.

Lucky I still didnt get caught for color coding.

Guess what my email was when i got to the office?

Hi Solo,

I'm afraid you've fallen victim to a bug in our system which occasionally loses template data for some users. Your posts are still safe, but unfortunately we were not able to recover your template for you. To use one of our default templates, you can click the Choose New Template tab on the Template page.

This will let you publish your blog again while you recreate your old template. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working on getting this problem fixed. However, it is always a good idea to save your own copy of a template if you make extensive customizations.

Best regards,
Blogger Support

There you go. This blogger dying on you and producing nothing but the grey page of death happens OCCASSIONALLY to SOME users... What are the chances?

More work for you Igor...

The night before yesterday...

I was staying late and had to print an urgent set of documents for a proposal.

It was there that i realized that printer in our 4th floor ran outta ink.

With no helpdesk around, and with no one from the administrative team to help me out, I took matters into my own hands.

I went down another floor to use their printer.

This one worked.

For a time.

Then it ran outta paper.

Let me rephrase that: It ran out of SHORT bond paper.

Beside the printer was stacks and stacks of Long, A4, Legal and godknowswhat papersize.

Apparently, somebody up there didnt hear me correctly.

So off I go, scouring the floor for more SHORT bond paper. Somehow theres a shortage of that size. Frankly, I dont know how our supplies person fixes this logistic thingie.

What? Does she think that we can just cut up the paper from long to shor...
I immediately banish the idiotic thoughts...
...after i realized there werent any cutters within reach

So I go back up the 4th floor, open up the printer with no ink,get the damn paper from it, go back down another floor and shove it in the original printer.

And does it print?

Yes. Finally.

But i printed the wrong document.

Ten times.
And lastly...

Getting home tonight, I got caught in a slight drizzle which caused a slight flashflood near my house. As i parked on the sidewalk, the slight flashflood apparently created a slight pool shallow enough to step on...

...but deep enough to fully submerge a foot.

Oh and did i mention i bought new shoes?

The blogging God loves me.

I feel like I'm so close to the blogging God by now, that Im having visions of the future...

So, checking out some of the more recent entries, i find:

Sarah will snag herself a gullible Ukrainian... OR will have another Maternal misadventure

Angel will become MALE. Then she'll wish she was a girl again

D! will have a HOT date soon. Then get bored because of his chiseled body

Orbit's next pizza will be delivered by WonderWoman or some other bikinied babe... causing him to forget that he has a hundred peso discount.

Gen will gow and lern abawt bawling and Bisaya samtaym.

Mads will know why HK is the best place to shop... but still wont go there

Tessa will open up a third eye and see for herself the real secrets of her hangouts

Deslite's gonna have Santa Clause as her next visitor. The elves will also TAG along.

Zane will be getting good looks at sexy bodies. Ige? Ige!!

Ariane will find her three previous cellphones. In Dapitan.

Maan will find it in her heart to forgive her thesismates. After she disposes of their bodies.

Kwene will realize that being a Korean Popstar does not necessarily guarantee great secs

JC will start blogging every day. He will also learn of the secrets of sideblogging and teach them to me.

Mud will complete his "Baguio Scandal" series. And it will be mass produced in Quiapo, causing his digicam to sue him on the grounds of seducing a minor.

Jac will have siopao for lunch. And will be the new target of the Kitty Mafia

Dude will realize that new laptops (connecting to certain sites) are the main cause of eye twitching

Sassy will become the biggest boob expert in the legal world.

Jennie will snag her callcenter opportunity. But get the dayshift.

Juslitos will realize to his dismay that wasabi and sex dont really mix

And oh yeah... Berto's Blue Eagles are gonna get shot down this sunday :)

All Blog-willing of course.

Blog Bless :)


April said...

Man, that is waaaay tripped out. I don't know what to say other than... hope that you can find something fun to do this weekend. Relax, kick your shoes off... go buy some liquor.

Anonymous said...

someone just had a long week. relax. hang out with santa on my bloggie and partie with the 7 dwarves. hehe. i have cookies and milk. whack. keep it easy.


Anonymous said...

hmmm. my bad. its santa and the elves. snow white and the 7 dwarves. heck. invite all fairytale folk while were at it. shrek? fiona? lol. gees.


tessa said...

awryt! the bloggods are indeed upon you! let's see about that third eye... :)

Anonymous said...


quite a week, if i may say so.

take a breather. :)


Jules said...

man, what luck. I guess fate's with you, but apparently God wasn't. sure ka no one made a curse on you or on your blog? or baka may binasa ka na cursed blog (ala ring?). siguro it's just a series of isolated events.

Jac said...

I don't have siopao's for lunch. I have them as merienda! why is my siopao meowing?

...OOOOH! Cool! I won a free pet kitten! Whee!

aimee rae said...

What a week.

Anonymous said...

ah, but i made sure the right-click's disabled on my blog, so the quiapo pirates will have a tougher time copying it.

i hope you have a better week ahead. (now pray that your archers don't choke. Again. heehee.)


Jennie said...

whew.. what a week! i hope you're having a betterone this week :)

i hope your vision comes true ;) graveyard is ok, i'm a vampire eh. haha!