Sunday, July 25, 2004

Trivia Muna

Just read an analyst's report today. Apparently Globe and Smart are gonna be reaping in uber dineros this year.

The latest statistics show that we have a whopping 28 MILLION subscribers just between the two telco giants. And Sun Cell targets 1 Million this year.

So given 82 Million filipinos... we have 35% or more than 1 out of every 3 filipinos has a celphone.

This may not sound too great until you realize that 70% of all filipinos are below the poverty line. Thus explains the number of janitors, drivers, maids and other blue collared workers who are kitikitexters...

And so there. Philippine society redefined the basic necessities to food, clothing, shelter, sex and prepaid cards. They can choose any four.

They can't not eat.
They can't go around naked.
They can't not text. It's too addicting.
And they can't take out our national pasttime.

Shelter has to go.


jillsabs said...

Yeah! Down with shelter, give me a cardboard box any day :)

As long as we have sex and text, pwede na :)

bebeLabs said...

onLi in the piLipins, man! :D
maLaki bonus nito next year... hehe!

Anonymous said...

haha! he's reached the angsty in between im so astig but im still the cute baby age. lagot ka nyan dude!


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