Sunday, July 18, 2004

A Demented Thought

With all these issues surrounding the Iraq hostage a demented idea has come to mind...
I wanna be Angelo Dela Cruz
Seriously.  I would have wanted to look the terrorists in the eye and shout "Dont do it GMA!  Remember the Filipino Pride!" in front of all those watching Filipinos.
Then if they do cut my head off, i'd be made a hero.
If i didnt get my head cut off, I'd still be a hero.
In any case, I'd have a film made after me, my family will be taken cared of and my kids will forever idolize my heroics.
Oh well, just a thought.

1 comment:

kei said...

hahah! knowing the filipino people, im sure there WILL BE a film about angelo de la cruz soon. heheh :)