Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Another look at life

Check your hearts guys.

I just got the news that an officemate of mine's undergoing some serious heart checkups today. His hearts a tad enlarged and has been beating erratically. Hopefully, it'll just be a minor correction in a minor vein. Hopefully.

He's quite young and very active in sports. Stress has been the main factor.

We pray for his speedy recovery

Back to me.

Stress, stress and more stress

At work, I technically belong to three divisions. One of these divisions deals with the most notoriously difficult customers and engages in the most devious competitors in the market. I cant exactly explain the stress level here... just that of my two other teammates, one is now in hospital for heart problems and the other recently resigned due to overstress.

Wonder what'll happen to me?

Cholesterol, Caffeine and More Cholesterol

Today's lunch consisted of chicharon bulaklak, crispy pata and sisig. Breakfast was coffee while dinner has almost always been pizza for the past few weeks.

Throw in the regular drinking sessions, my passion for desserts and the sudden lack of exercise and you'll have an idea of what my life expectancy is.

I am definitely, definitely dying young.

But then again, my greatest fear has always been growing old and losing all my hair.

Random thought out of nowhere:
I need to win a Palanca next year

Either that or be president by 30. I need a legacy before I die so i can be forever immortalized as that guy who could have been something.

Sheesh. These random thoughts are getting to be a little too random for me.


Anonymous said...

so sorry to burst your bubble dearie, but to be president of the philippines (at least until we amend sec.1 of art.7 of the 1987 constitution), you need to be at least forty years of age on the day of the election. Can't have everything. ;p


solo flite said...

Ey margoyle,

How are ya? :) Whoever said i wanted to be president by legal means? ;)

buRpday guRL said...

i could have the same problem sometime in the near future. i love eating food with cholesterol galore. chicharon bulaklak? my fave! panalo talaga ang chicken skin! bakit kaya masarap talaga ang bawal? hehe palanca? one of my dreams too. :)

jillsabs said...

oooh...i had kwek2x and cheese stix from one of the kiosks over at vinzons yesterday. ang sarap! pero mukhang the Universe is trying to tell me something because I spent the rest of the night with the most severe stomach pains and communing with the toilet bowl (from both ends).

hassle talaga ang food poisoning. i wonder if i can sue the manang there? or did i assume a risk by eating kwek2x and cheese stix from a street vendor? hmmm...something to ponder over.