Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Okay, okay, we lost

Two days after that horrific event, i finally accept the fact.

We lost.
On an opening game.
And to Ateneo.
What can be worse?

I mean we had everything going for us. And we still lost...

in the end Ateneo won...
...not because of talent,
nor experience,
nor style,
nor team spirit,
nor heart,
and not even because of luck...

Its because they have a damn cute courtside reporter!
Yeah baby!!! :D


micster said...

one big fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

buRpday guRL said...

hahaha ang aangas nyo kasi eh, the green archers have to be taught a lesson in humility. andun na nga, pinakawalan pa. btw, the courtside reporter of ateneo is indeed cute. better than last year's reporter.