Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sins of the Brother

I've created a monster!!!

My 12 year old brother is starting to become a wisecracking juvenile asshole.

I wonder who could have influenced him like that?

Evil Quip #1

Lil' Brother (LB): Someone spat at my gay busmate while we were on the bus on the way home. From the outside.

Me: Really? Wow. (Silence. What does one say at such a tale?) What did you guys do?

LB: We laughed at him. Sayang naman yung nangyari kung ndi namin pagtawanan...

Evil Quip #2

LB: I wish there were another brownout.

Me:  Why?

LB:  So i have an excuse to eat all the ice cream before they melt.
(this is shockingly familiar)

Que Horror! Where did he learn this stuff??! Whatever happened to the cute little baby brother i used as a great excuse to initiate conversations with cute girls?

Oh well. Times have indeed changed. Now i have to keep this blog away from him at all costs. I've sinned enough in this lifetime. Cant make any more monsters...

Demented Memory #1

Lil Brother in a suit: *Bump*

Cute Girl: Hey! Watch where you're goi... *realizes LB* Awww... cute...

SoloFlite in a suit: I call him "MiniMe" (yes, with the fingers and all)

Cute Girl: Awww... cute

Soloflite: Run along now lil Brother (wink wink) 

Demented Memory #2

Lil Brother: *Bump*

Cute Girl: Hey! Watch where you're goi...

SoloFlite to the Rescue: (picks up brother) Im sorry. He has a bad habit of bumping into cute girls like you...

Cute Girl: Awww... cute

Soloflite: (drops brother) Run along now lil Brother (wink wink)

On the lighter side of MiniMe's... I swiped this from wytchgurl's cool blog.

You're Metamorphosis of Narcissus!

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don't always get the attention you deserve.

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That Dali guy's pretty good...


jillsabs said...

all is fair in love and picking up chicks :)

tinamaldita said...

Sounds like the type of little brother who would grop up to be your worst nightmare if you're not careful... believe me, I know. I loved the "sayang naman kung 'di namin pagtatawanan" comment though. Hella funny for a 12-year-old.

G! said...

AAAAAH!!!! pareho na tayo ng itsura ng blog :) great minds think alike?

angel said...

...And and LB will use you as a means to get those cute, voluptuous older women. So look at it this way, it's a symbiotic relationship! :-D

Btw, is there something wrong with tag-board? it's been giving me "socket errors" both in my account and yours. Weird. Oh well.