Thursday, July 08, 2004

Blasts from the past

Just nostalgic :) PJ, Ken and I worked on these masterpieces back in college.. BEFORE starcraft was even marketed.

Damn, we should have joined Blizzard's creative team


Anonymous said...

joy here.
oh my gawd! i actually remember these drawings!!!

Anonymous said...

why join Blizzard or Blitzworx or any of those when you, PJ, ken and maybe some others can form your own?

eh? eh? *winky*

solo flite said...

Yeah thats in the plan.

Maybe in eight years, after wandering the world seeking experience, wealth and greater skills, we'll meet up again in the country's darkest hour...

...In the inn of The LaSt Home :) Or something like that ;)

Tanya said...



i'm not worthy!!!!!!!! hehehehe!