Thursday, July 29, 2004

Chocoholics anonymous

June 1, 2004-

Dear Diary. Today is my first day in Chocoholics Anonymous. It was my Dads idea. He said i was getting chubby na daw. Its a one-month vacation stay in their center in the highlands of Tagaytay. When I come back, I wouldn't be so addicted to chocolates anymore. They're very nice. They told us that we shouldn't worry about the training. And oh yeah, they gave each of us three Big blocks of Cadbury's Almonds. But we cant tell anyone about anything that happens here. No Proooblem! :)

June 4, 2004-

Dear Diary. Today, i sat beside my crush. He said "Hi Xara" and offered me one of his Cadbury's. Coolness. He's soooo sweet. And to think that they just give us Two Cadbury's a day. Im gonna love this whole month.

June 9, 2004-

Dear Diary. Today, I think im adjusting to the life here. Ricardo is proving to be a very nice guy, sharing his Willy with me. Willy Wonka i mean. They dont give us Cadburys na... Its so sad. I like Cadbury pa naman.

June 12, 2004-

Dear Diary. Today I had my first taste of Cloud Nine. Its nice naman pala e. I thought it was kadiri at first, but it was very good. But i still like Willy Wonka better. Ricardo said he's going to share Cloud Nine with me tomorrow because im so cute daw. Hihihihi

June 19, 2004-

Dear Diary. Today, I got mad at Ricardo. He said I had a flat top daw. E may boobs naman ako ah! But he apologized na. He said he only wanted to share his Flat Tops with me. Hmph! Yun naman pala e.

June 22, 2004-

Dear Diary. Today, I fought with Ricardo again over a kiss. A Hershey's Kiss. Would you believe that they are now giving us only ONE F*CKING KISS a DAY??!! He's so swapang he wont give me his Hersheys Kiss, e I gave him a lot of kisses na this week. This is stupid talaga!!!

June 26, 2004-

Dear Diary. Today, I broke up with Ricardo na. Guess what im holding in my hand? It's a half-melted M&M. Thats right. The jerk wasnt planning to give me his M&M. I had to take it from him by force! Men are really horrible. Huhuhuhuhu

June 29, 2004-
Dear Diary. Today... ahh what the hell! Sobra na ito. They have denied me even my daily M&M!!! Ayoko na. I dont like it here anymore!!!!!

Warden's Log. July 3, 2004. Found the body of the escaped girl deep in the forest. The bitch must have been dying of hunger... her mouth was stuffed with mud! Damn, she was a hot one too.



To joy- ...And that, my friend, is the difference between a diary and a log ;)
Bridget Jones : Diary
Picard : Log

To Sarah and Richard: ... got the idea from Sarah's weblog and i just HAD to use 'Ricardo' hahaha :)


sarah said...

dude, you are so dead the next time we meet. :P

Jac said...

Hahaha! Funny, with a dark ending. I'd hide you from Sarah, from but I don't know yet who I'm against... ;D

Mike. said...

sarah, you could not even kill a fly.

sarah said...

ah, but i can kill cockroaches.

tessa said...

i'll tell you what i also told sarah... :) scientists in a reputable research center were able to establish the link between chocolates and falling in love. chocolates contain something that exactly resembles a biochemical released by our brains when we're in love...

oh yeah? :) have you seen the film chocolat?

Anonymous said...

coolness! im a cholcoate addict by the way... and yes the manyaks are real and the conversations may have at one time been uttered but in a different context.


Sango/Macabre said...

That was cute :) Oh, and I can't have chocolate! I can't have love either! ROFLMAO. I'm phobic of men ;) I'm lacking of that chemical! *giggle*