Sunday, June 13, 2004

Murphy's Back!

After a two weeks straight of down out bad luck I thought i had a long enough respite.
Well, after a week of no noteworthy re enactments of Murphy's Law, I let my guard down.

Then this Weblog crashed. As in, everything just went caput!
I tell you this sort of thing doesnt happen to just anyone!!

Luckily im used to this sort of thing, and being the most paranoid person I know, i have two weblogs totally independent of each other. Got the backup from the Other Site. Whew :)

So now its up and about again although some entries will be lost forever. Thats life i guess. As the great book said, "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?"


Well, now that the worst (i hope) is over, i can finally put it in writing. Each day those two weeks have been extraordinarily stressful and suicide was starting to look like a nice option.

The following have happened (in no particular order) in those hellish two weeks. Some more than once:

1. The CRV spewed out noxious fumes which forced me to take the other car, the war car known as The Jaguar... which died out on me on the most expensive parking space i could have possibly have taken.

2. The Starex died on me too. For some reason, all things mechanical seem to be hating me.

3. My laptop crashed on me. Then the helpdesk sent me a laptop replacement that... guess what, crashed too.

4. My celphone crashed. This was not funny anymore.

5. The OTHER celphone crashed.

6. After i had both phones fixed, my international phonebills from Thailand got credited to my Globe and Smart accounts the same time. BOTH of them went over the credit limit and both telcos CUT my lines.

7. Meralco Workers upgrading the neighborhood powercables hit a water pipe by accident. Guess whos house was affected? Our water stank for a week, and me finding out while washing my face in the morning! Had to take a bath at the gym the whole week.

8. AmEx screwed up on its billing. They billed me an extra $300 for a plane ticket they gave me for free because they messed up on my airline bookings for my bangkok trip.

9. The AmEx person who gave me the "free" ticket resigned a week before and denied that it was free. Spent a damn morning just clearing it up.

10. Rainy season started. And the raingods would do their worst ONLY if i was walking on the way to my car. And stop once i get in. And yes, the amount of rainfall is in direct proportion to how presentable i should be for my next meeting. And of course, whenever there was a puddle in front of me, a car would splash it as i crossed it.

And i wont even go into the work-related details. Ugh. Well, lump it all within two weeks and you'd understand how shitty that time was for me.


I had a checkup last week and my doctor asked if anything was stressing me.
I think he backed down after i gave him the evil eye...

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