Friday, June 18, 2004

The Day of Wrath

Pride has been reaching almost metrosexual levels recently. And before a bolt of lightning strikes me down where i stand, i switch over now to Wrath (and a bit of envy)...


I hate my bills

Six F*king figures.

Is that not enough reason to hate them? Why dont you just leave me alone you evil credit card companies!

I hate AmEx.

Im getting billed in dollars and their current rate is 56.65!!! This is F4%#@#!#@!king higher than than any other F$#@!$#!@%!@!king interest rates.


I hate Citibank.

They screw up on upgrading my card and YET continue to send me applications for new ones. I do not NEED another card. I want just one BIG card that I can play with.

I have enough trouble with three cards as it is.

I hate cheques.

They force me to write in my chickenscratchy sort of way. Then they call me up to be sure i wrote it because they couldnt understand a word i said.

Like hey, Isnt that verification enough? Let them call me when they DO understand what it says in the check...

Im starting to hate Jollibee

For the third time this week, i got soggy fries with my meal. Damn their viagra-deprived potatoes. And this was after i had to wait 10 minutes in the drive thru at the back of an idiot who couldnt make up his mind with his stupid order.

And yeah, they have ugly drive thru girls.

Im starting to hate Blogspot

Today, my site was down 70% of the time... but all of my friends blogspot sites weren't!!! WTF are those assholes in blogspot doing??!! Am I the ONLY one they dont support??!!

Sure its a free site, but hey, we're customers too...

(Soloflite's note: When wrath talks, logic takes a step backwards...)

Im starting to hate my Blog

Well, sort of. After today's daily war of stress killed off yet another platoon of braincells and recruited yet another battallion of cholesterol, I did some surfing around the web as a respite..

I hated what i found: People with Blogs far more interesting and aesthetically designed than mine!!! And lots of em! Better writing, better graphics, and sometimes both!

Well, its about time Pride took the backseat.
It's time for Wrath (with a little help from Envy) to drive me to blogging greatness now.

Damn i need to fix this site.

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urbana said...

erw. i hate amex too. ive torn the plastic to pieces and threw it away.