Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Insomnia Induced Quips

On the lighter side of brownouts:

Damn. Meralco just scheduled an 8 hour brownout tomorrow...
Gotta eat all the ice cream before it melts


On Jeepneys:

For years, media has played up to the Jeepney as the king of the road and a shining example of Filipino Ingenuity. From the humble beginnings of a post-war jeep, it is now the bona fide mass transport system of choice of the filipino masa.

How long as it been since you saw one of these?

Well, up until a few years ago perhaps. These hulking masses of scrapmetal are a roadhazard and a serious detriment to our society. They cut, they swerve, they show no respect for the rest of the motoring populace. They blare their sickening horns ("AAAAaaaahhahhahahahhaaha!" or something like that) as soon as the lights turn red, yet stop abruptly after crossing the intersection.

They are the avatars of the bad driving gods.

They are no longer nice to look at, no longer cute. Gone are the days when each jeep was customized by a loving owner. No more are the mini-horses, roosters or cultural artforms that used to decorate the jeeps. Gone too are the witty taglines that used to adorn them. The jeepneys of today are but mass-produced blander copies of their original's glory.

The jeepney has outlived its usefulness. It was bound for obsolescence in this world of MRTs and FXes years before. And yet it still remains.

Pinoy Machismo Exemplified in the Jeepney

Unfortunately, the jeepney's existence just reflects sorry state of our culture. In this time where the Philippines is the Sick Man of Asia, the music industry's chart toppers are always the Spaghetti's or the Ocho Ochos and our government is filled with actors, basketball players and circus freaks I am not altogether surprised that we still tolerate the jeepney.

Onli in da pilipins. Sigh. Pag ako naging presidenti...


Whew... that took longer than i thought. I still need to finish a pint of turtle cake...
But im not complaining :)

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