Monday, June 21, 2004

Finally! (SoloFlite delves into the election brouhaha)


The good news: Somebody has won the elections... And its not that mindless messiahnic puppet FPJ!!! :)

The bad news: ...unfortunately it has to be that deviously manipulative puppeteer GMA :(

Well, I guess its the lesser of two evils...

Funny thing. We started our elections on May 10. It's June 21 now.

India has a population of ONE BILLION. Their election results were known in THREE HOURS.

How long did it take us again?

The US has a population of 293 million. If you were waiting for the election results via the Web, the typical refresh rate was 5 MINUTES.

Oh yeah. Try pressing F5 on the comelec site every 5 hours, and if it doesnt crash, it still would have the same thing...

It took us FORTY DAYS to finally figure out that the exit polls were correct... Of course, this was because GMA was clearly and quite obviously railroading the elections.


This is what happens when a collection of buwitres and buwayas keep rockin the boat in a vain effort to keep themselves alive...

The last time something involving a boatload of animals took forty days was when God was flushing the whole world down the drain.

Deja Vu?

One good thing i like about todays news was that Ping has finally conceded.

I like what he said... "If you didnt guard your votes, then you deserve to lose."

Get that FPJ?

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