Friday, June 11, 2004

Insomnia, Insomnia again!!

The past two weeks, for one reason or another I would always get up in the middle of the night regardless of what time I slept or how tired i was. Then i would be living in the fine line between deep sleep and that waking conscious state where you hear everything going on outside, every cricket chirp, aircon whirr and passing motorcycle.

It IS NOT sleep. And its not really waking up either. Im just lying there unable to do any physical activity.

I would keep replaying the events of the day, thinking about things i left open, strategizing for tomorrow, dreamin up stuff to write about... Until the alarm rings. Ugh.

How i wish i just had a simple on switch and shut myself down.
I dont need insomnia. I look undead enough as it already is.


A friend of mine commented about a previous Blog post i had on the lighter side of brownouts. She asked what flavor ice cream it was, and the conversation on YM went a little something like this:

L: So whats turtle cake made of? Turtle? hahaha :)

A: Yep.

Long Pause.

L: No, seriously, why did the bakeshop call it turtle cake?

A: Its a pretty popular cake you know. Chocolate, Caramel and vanilla ice cream. I think Italian chains like Fazoli's have it on their dessert bar.

L: Ahh... so why do they call it turtle cake?

A: Please dont ask that.
(I could see where this was leading to and i didnt like it.) It'll keep me up tonight. (im start chanting the mantra now... "Dont think about it adrian, you must sleep tonight. must sleeep toniight...")

L: Is it a marketing thing? Is it just a catchy name to get new customers?

A: ...No, i dont think so. Its not something...
(I speed up the pace of the mantra... "DONT think about it adrian, YOU must sleep tonight. must sleeep toniight... Aaaaaaaaaarrrrghhh!!! Now i need to know!!!")

Well, i poured out theory after theory as to what turtle cake really is.

Did it have anything to do with some historical event involving turtles? Is it something baked to commemorate National Turtle day or some other vague historical moment?

Was there a Mr. Turtle involved?

Is that what a turtle looks after you step on it?

Was it an 80's fad along with other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Merchandise? They were italian after all...

Dammit. Why Turtle Cake??! I mean, why not something as vague as Sylvanna, Tiramisu, or SansRival. I mean, why give a stupid name we have to think about?

Guess what?

NOBODY knows where f#@#!#kin turtle cake came from!!!

Not Google, not Yahoo, not anyone!
Now i'll never get to sleep til i find out that particular piece of trivia!


Anonymous said...

hi! joy here.

why it's called turtle cake (or pie). because the topping's made of crunchy stuff like chocolate chips, cookie bits and nuts. it's sorta like a turtle shell. that's basically it. :)

solo flite said...

Ahhh... okay...

I think mom and Tina's (yes they have it na rin) put the ice cream on TOP, the cruchy part was at the bottom... Hmmm...

or was it supposed to be served UPSIDE DOWN?

Ugh... now i have to buy it again to be sure :)

Anonymous said...

Joy again...

missing the oreo cheesecake. i have yet to try their turtle pie, then.