Friday, October 15, 2004

Writer's Blog

I once wrote this in a previous post... funny how the posts of the past come back and haunt you sometimes.

Paradox of the Writer's Blog:
When possessed with the sudden urge to make your literary masterpiece, your writing skills will desert you... but not enough NOT to have a blog entry

Corollary: When you want to have a great blog entry, all you can come up with is a one-liner, a song excerpt, a stupid "I am a...." quiz or one of your previous works which no-one ever read.

The past week, I have definitely had Writer's Blog.

The feeling's difficult to describe. If I were an athlete instead of a blogger, it would probably be a bit close to polejumping with a lead weight around your neck or playing basketball right after swimming for six hours. Or like playing billiards with a rope instead of a cue-stick or eating polvoron with chopsticks. Definitely a bad thing for any writer.

What causes it? I have no idea. Maybe stress? Fatigue? Wayward braincells on AWOL? A lack of divine inspiration? Or maybe a sudden drought of creative juices?

Whatever the reason, each word I've placed in each of the past few posts is a painstaking effort and more often than not, I end up staring indefinitely at the blank screen of my blogger.

Luckily, Oktoberfest, that beautiful tradition that celebrates God's greatest gift to mankind, will be upon me tonight. That should take care of all the stress and fatigue and the alcohol going directly to the brain should be enough to replace any lost creative juices :)


Random thought:

Women have it all. First, they have all these great holidays like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and force us to remember all these other annivs, monthnivs, weeknivs and even daynivs. Then they have a 3-month maternity leave every year. Now, that crackpot senator Miriam's pushing for a one-day a month "PMS leave" for each and every female employee.

And they say its a man's world?

If it were up to me, we'd have a mandatory month-long Oktoberfest leave every year and get a "alcoholically-wasted day" leave every month :)


Jax said...

wow. a mandatory month-long Oktoberfest leave - that would be something. kasama ba babae dito? after all, pumupunta pa rin naman ang mga babae sa Oktoberfest eh. hehe. :D

stephanie said...

PMS leave? Alright, I'm female, but I think that's a little bit over the top. (It would be REAL convenient though...)

JP said...

kayo lang makikinabang sa month-long beer fest. not my thing. :D

Mec said...


not that i don't find a PMS leave stupid... but really, you might have bitten your tongue a little if you've suffered even just a little... from the woes of PMS

i understand most girls just use it as an excuse for their b!tchiness... or an excuse not to spread her legs for a man

but some women really have it bad :)