Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A Sick Post

I hate the common cold.

It is too easy to catch, too easy to spread, and just damn hard to get rid of.

Its bad enough to cloud your thinking, but too weak as an excuse for getting the day off.

It shows in your eyes, clutters up your coordination, burns your throat and nose, messes up your tastebuds and makes em other body parts hurt all over.

It is the body's version of Murphy's Law.

And worse: Theres nothing you can do about it.

Pills, potions, chicken soup, hot tea, lizard tails... nothing, nothing has ever worked for me. The common cold is devious enough to make you feel all wobbly the whole day, while making sure that the runny nose gets you an indecent night's sleep.

It is the most sick of the human sicknesses.

With other diseases, like Cancer, at least you know that you just gotta zap up a few body parts to lead a normal life again. Appendicitis just needs you to cut up a little organ before it explodes, while sprains or broken bones just need you to cast up or amputate the damn leg.

The common cold on the other hand, makes you ponder as to what other disease you would rather have, or when you should start playing Russian Roulette.

Simply evil.

Someday, I'll find a cure for this bug called the common cold.

Or just legalize the use of it as an excuse not to go to work.


Pardon the unusual rant.

I'm sick.

Well, yeah, I guess you knew that already.


kat said...

Awww, getting sick really sucks! I do hope you'll feel better soon!

Jacs said...

Blocking out all forms of consciousness usually works for me. Tylenol PM is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone has a cold these days, including myself. Unfortunately for us, like what you said, there is no cure for the common cold. --Orbital

Jennie said...

i hope you feel better soon :) drink lots of liquids and vitamin c

buRpday guRL said...

get well soon adrian, kulang lang ng ano yan. hahahaha ;p

Anonymous said...

Don't let the common cold ruin your day. Go see your doctor immediately ;)

Anonymous said...

wahhh. i'm down with the cold myself. wretched, wretched are we.

and hey, don't be afraid of me (haha :P)... i must say i lacked sleep and was, yes, coming down with the cold, so i decided to work out quite a bit of angst... ^.^;

at any rate, mango juice is always yummy, cold or no cold. it's so sweet it gets past even the runny nose.

hope we get well soon. ^.^

- shiko-chan

Jules said...

yup... life sucks when you have a cold.. it's too common for an illness that having it doesn't mean excuse from work but too troublesome that it bogs you down the whole day... good thing colds pa lang yan, kaysa naging flu na yan

de Villa said...

Hey if you manage to cure the common cold, i'll be the first to buy some stock options. Deal?

JP said...

weirdly... i haven't had the cold for quite some time now. nothing major actually. and i don't have that healthy a lifestyle.

i just don't smoke. thank you.