Tuesday, October 26, 2004


After finishing almost six hours worth of online learning,
I have now certified my brain as mush.

I've taken a number of online courses before, and most of the packaged courses I got are basically glorified powerpoint presentations with some interactive features with a pre-recorded speaker's voice droning in the background.

Supposedly this allows you to finish a class at your own pace and the canned presentation the educators to standardize their lectures.

But this doesnt work for me.

Back in college, the only ways for me to keep myself awake during class were:
  • 1. Draw the teacher in various idiotic situations and pass it around during class

    2. Ask enough intelligent/rhetorical/smartass/idiotic questions to keep the professor on his/her toes, but not enough to trigger a heart attack (though some came dangerously close)

    3. Just cut the damn class altogether

All of these, I obviously cannot do while taking an online course.

Thus, I have no other option but to blog while listening.

But I digress... This post is not about online courses, as with all major posts in this blog, this is about me.

I have the attention span of a velociraptor-- If it aint moving, I dont move in for the kill.

It's weird actually, I need to keep my brain occupied doing many different things at the same time.

Just check my desktop right now: There's my email, YM, the company instant messenger, three lotus 123s, six notepads, four MS Words and lots of IE browsers open. Add to that, texting with my two celphones and talking with people on my landline, you pretty much have an idea of how messed up my brain is.

Is this normal?

Apparently it is.

For nerds, at least.

There is a need for some people to multitask many things at the same time. Some can eat popcorn while watching TV, while reading a book while texting with their free hand. Some can switch between talking using different languages and chatting between multiple chatsites at the same time. And some can keep multiple GFs, gimmick buddies and "special friends" all at once.

This is a phenomenon (except maybe for the last example) a certain blogger calls Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder or NADD. Drop by his site for a good read on this subject.

Anyway, stop reading this post right now.

Look at your desktop.

How many tasks are you working on besides reading this weblog? 10? 15? More than 20?

Then you got NADD, my kindred geek-in-hiding. And I am not alone.

Anyways, back to the online courses.
I just figured out how to take three of em at the same time.


Anonymous said...

"For nerds, at least."

you're not one. a geek, may be, but not a nerd.

trust me, i know. there's a very big difference between the two :)


Jennie said...

hehehe... and all the while I thought I was just good at multitasking :p

April said...

Lol, I could not agree more about how one has to make a class interesting in order not to fall asleep. Most of the time, I just look like I know a whole lot, but when I talk it's just that I'm bored out of my mind!!

Say, so you are taking online courses huh? Hmmm. I'll be taking an online Algebra course next semester. It will probably kill me, but oh well. Tough shit for me!

the NBA Addict said...

just read the link.

holy crap. there are others like me! lol

banzai cat said...

"Anyway, stop reading this post right now. Look at your desktop. How many tasks are you working besides reading this weblog? 10? 15? More than 20?"

But...but... its part of my job! *sputters* :(

Anonymous said...

i'm currently posting on your blog, drinking soda, watching tv and getting ready to go to sleep...yikes, NADD ata ito....


roanne said...

haay. NADD? oh, no! don't count me on that one!!!

anyway, i just hate multitasking, but if duty calls, i think it's pretty necessary.

ehee, whenever i'm indulging a book, i wanna be fully concentrated on it. don't wanna be bothered. :)

de Villa said...

Well looks like im safe. I only have email, Firefox and QuarkXpress open.

Phew I'm not even close the threshold!!

maanski said...

too bad i cannot concentrate with so much things going on in my head, much less my desktop. don't you think too much activity would make the computer operate less quickly?

anyway, at least i am glad that i don't have NADD. whatever it is.

on the other hand, congratulations to you for making it to nerdsville. :) i'm sure you're not alone.


Tanya said...

I admit I'm a geek.. not a nerd. hehehe! :-p