Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tomatoes, Tomahtoes

When is something not something?

Would a sculptor be insulted if you classified his work as dried mud?

Would a wine connoisseur get mad if you served him warm table wine?

Would Aladdin trade his dusty old lamp for a shiny new one?

One man's junk is another man's treasure they say.

But for now, one of my biggest treasure's this blog. No question about it. I know why I blog and thats enough to explain why I love my blog so much.

Funny how two popular pinoy online sites are virtually slugging it out on how to define what a blog is though.

One claims that blogs are online avatars of each person's individuality. It is here that we offer our voices to the world, here in the internet where the last true freedom exists. It is a reflection of everything we stand for, and thus must never be stained by corporate bias nor censored by mainstream media.

The other claims they can define the blog as they want to. Screw the comment sections, screw the trackbacks, screw the damn technicalities of what a blog is all about. They will blaze thru the constraints of old ideas to reach out to new frontiers. They will dare to tap the collective intelligence of the pinoy online populace, squeeze out the ideas of the best and the brightest, and use it as the future creative juices of journalism.

Looking through these sites and some others linked to them, fiery posts have sprung left and right about these two ideas. All this, over the difference between a blog and a "blog", the infighting between to potentially great pinoy online sites continues... (thus is the story of all great pinoy ideas)

Who, then, should be believed?

Frankly, I dont give a damn. Let them slash it out between them. All's fair in blog and war.

If I were them, though, I'd remember what happened when a street punk tried to intimidate Crocodile Dundee with a fan knife--- The punk got shown what a knife really is.

So to those two popular pinoy online sites:

Just shut up and show us what REAL BLOGGING's all about.


Okay... so shut up is a bit too strong a word :) But you get what I mean :)


Anonymous said...

Based on what I've read five years ago, a blog was originally meant as a diary of the changes a website undergoes. Then the definition became that of a site that publishes commentaries about other sites and links to them. Nowadays, I think a blog has turned into a personal journal. Thus, I believe a blog is indeed an expression of an author's individuality... whatever that "individuality" may entail.


Jax said...

Amen to that.

Angel said...

blogging is a trend. and everybody has one, our genes can't stand missing out on trends.

excuse me while i feed my 4 tamagotchis.

-link through lorys

JriDDles said...

i accidentally stumbled into blogspot and thought i found something that was the cyberspace equivalent to a blackboard where you can write anything on. i also came to conclude that a "blog" is the sound you make when you fall (i stumbled, remember?), only it has a strong british ring to it. before i could even be registered, i was required to sign a slum book. when i was granted access, i was shown this empty screen. i could not make what to do with it, so i started typing. i could not submit my work without giving it a title. this discovery and process led me to define what a blog is: for crying out loud, it's a slum book where you can hone your typing skills by giving it a theme. did i say, for crying out loud? if i did, let me refine what it is: it is a slum book where you can hone your typing skills while crying your thoughts out loud by giving it a theme. as to what it really is, let me give you a push. blog!


banzai cat said...

Hallo, bloghopping in from Joey's site;

Nup, shut-up is the right word. Good on yah to call them on it.


Trebs said...

Haha! I remember that Crocodile Dundee knife scene. And as far as blogs go, yours is a Rambo knife.