Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The safety's off

I think its the kender in me.

Last week saw me having a cold from monday to friday, forcing me to try to sleep earlier and try waking later.

Last weekend saw me in complete bedrest, raking in a decade high of almost 40 hours total naptime over the whole weekend and watching the world go around me (via a 29' TV in front of me and the laptop at my side) during the waking hours.

(As strange as it seems, when Im strangely subdued, I cant seem to write. Having done nothing idiotic within a 24-hour timeframe because of bedrest is not conducive to blog-posting.)

Last night packing up from work as soon as the clock struck five and hitting the sack as soon as i got home.

Enough is enough.

I dont care if im still sick. Im so bored, I HAVE to do something.

So tonight I played basketball. For two hours.

Nothing like a great workout to pump up all the adrenaline that will kill the evil viruses right?

Or was it white blood cells that kill the viruses?

Ahh hell. A good shot of alcohol should be enough to quench the curiosity :)

Will blog again in the morning.

If I can still stand up.


de Villa said...

heheheheh, I don't think undertaking any intense sports will kill any viruses, more likely will prolong your sickness.

Get yourself an Xbox or something and play the days and nights away.

Your right about alcohol though. Get a shot of vodka in you dude and you'll be sleepin' like a baby.

maanski said...

don't you just hate it when you're so sick?! bedridden and nothing else to do but sleep all day. it can be soothing, but too much of it is so boring. haha, i know the feeling... :) get well soon...

Anonymous said...

Hope you're ok now solo.:-) But you know what, I never believed in bed rest. The more I nurse my viruses, the fiercer they become. So I say, spread the virus! go to work as if nothing's wrong with you, hit the malls! Infect people and get down on your knees and pray that karma doesn't happen.:-D Get well then, solo.:-)


Jules said...

alcohol will do the trick..hehehe... believe me, it does..hehehe... is this the season for sickness, it seems one way or the other everyone gets sick this month