Thursday, February 03, 2005

Merrily Looking Back

I wanna be a rock star.

Or whatever they call them damn metrosexual vocalists who just yell, dance and basically make girls panties fall off nowadays.

Yeah, yeah I know. I know.

I dont have "the gift". I cant sing a tune if my life depended on it. And neither can I take to the dance floor without bludgeoning someone's feet.

But I know I'd succeed where countless other idol-wannabes have tried. **evil grin**

So what if I cant sing? So what if I cant dance? I have two things up my sleeve that'll make sure I make it big in MTV -- Drop dead gorgeous looks. And a good enough denial of reality.

Videoke... Do your worst!


Seriously. As a kid, I never really wanted to be a rockstar. Or an entertainer. Or even a blogger that bastardized everything around him.

I wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to create the cure for cancer, invent something that will create world peace or even save the world from a race of evil aliens hell-bent on turning humanity into a bunch of brain-eating zombies.

Or if I couldnt be a scientist, I'd be something like Indiana Jones (ok so technically he WAS a scientist) scouring the world for ancient artifacts that would benefit humanity... which someone would steal later on and give me the excuse to whip the asses of a thousand bad guys and run off with yet another nubile young sidekick.

But I digress. I had big dreams then. Noble dreams that would make me leave my mark in history as the Legendary Figure most idolized by guys and most swooned over by girls.

I wanted to be a scientest.

As a kid I looked for stuff out of the ordinary and started bringing them home. Rocks, crystals, plants, spices, shells and other items that caught my interest. With or without their owner's permissions of course.

At four, I spurned Sesame Street and Batibot and instead got immersed early on in books about science, encyclopedias and other nerdy stuff. And so it was that during the Pre-Jurassic Park era, I was the 5-year old who shamelessly taught my Kindergarten teacher the difference between a T-Rex and a Stegosaurus in front of her class (She remembers me until now. Shuddering.)

I played with fire early on- creating flame throwers from cans WD-40 and some other household chemicals, happily noting down which particular combinations fried the garden toads and salamanders the fastest.

I had the knack for making things grow. I dabbled with orchids at our backyard garden. I raised a number of fruit trees and vines. I even had a couple of rabbits, some ducks and and big-ass chicken that scared of the neighborhood cats.

Yep. The god of science was smiling at me those years. Blessing me with gifts only I could use. Showing me a future full of inventions that would benefit all. If I only walked with him.

And then something happened. It was something called Adolescence.

Because it was during those malleable adolescent years, that they started airing replays of MacGyver.

(to be continued...)


Next on Soloflite's Merrily Looking Back...

Soloflite and friend try to replicate MacGyver's "swamp gas" episode... and miserably fail... Spreading instead enough ammonia in the Dorm Manager's office that made it unfit for human habitation for days...


de Villa said...

Shit man! Your adolescence sounds like the making of "Dr.Evil"

Can wait to read the "Ammonia" accident.

transience said...

you have this way of leaving us in suspense. blogger's blueballs comes to mind, but i am afraid that the term would be fair game for feminists. can't wait to read (dissect) more of you. =)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.....Actually, the term is "Boy Band" or "Bubblegum Pop"!! They got a shelf life of 3-5 years depending on how good they look. But I digress, you could've been that!! You could've gone the way the likes of Ashlee Simpson and of course Milli Vanilli (I wonder if you remember them??) *cough* lip synch' *cough* excuse me. Then again, a scientist?? Nope, sounds like you're both Pinky and the Brain combined. Hehe...


Cristina said...

soloflite, you are TOO CUTE!! hihi!

aYa said...

hey! you CAN be a rockstar even if you think you dont have the voice or the moves for it. take a look at the latest list hot "it" artists..Ashlee Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Busted. these people cant sing $^&t but they make money anyway..haha.Leave it to MTV and media to create a something out of nothing.

now it got me thinking, it's actually similar to science...invention. hehe. am i making sense here?

i'm not making this up, but i swear i wanted to be a scientist when i was young too. I wanted to invent stuff...when i reached 14, that dream sort of went "poof".

solo flite said...

De Villa: Yeah Baby! :P

Transcience: Sorry. I seem to have a knack for keeping bloggers perpetually "in heat" :P

Conrad: Hahaha I just thought up of this recently :P Someone else got all the musical talent in the family ;)

Cristina: hehe thanks :P

Aya: hehe i tell you, i do not have a single musical bone in my body!... so sayeth my friends who dabble in theater :)

Blog ho said...

You ARE too cute. I think I'll eat you.

ennui said...

I wanted to be a scientist when I was a kid too and kinda got on the geeky side with science books. Unlike u though, I never tried making my own flamethrower, but I immensely enjoyed burning caterpillars and leaves. They make distinct popping sounds. Ü

Tala =) said...

I've been subscribed to your blog for quite some time now. Kanina ko lang nadiscover na kilala pala kita in person, lol. Hahaha, Sit-Down Dinner partner. I hope you live to write until the end of time! Love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Growing up is the greatest human tragedy.

For me, at least, it is.


Major Tom said...

Dreams are made for children but when we grow old, we dreams our dream again. What would have i been? Who would have i been? It's never too late for dreaming though for as long as we are alive, we can keep on dreaming.