Monday, February 28, 2005

Getting Rusty

I just HAD to draw this weekend (among other things i did).

I scanned up a couple of images in my sketchpad, tinkered with ol' reliable Adobe Photoshop and guess what I got? :)


More on that stupid haircut

One of these guys has a really bad hair day, and probably just killed someone because of it... and the other is Wolverine.


A bit rusty, but then again, it HAS been a while since i played with Photoshop... Or inked a drawing for that matter...

***Update: cant seem to upload the original in a hi-res setting without messing up my template... Arghh. Bear with me while i fix this


-raindrops- said...

"One of these guys has a really bad hair day... and the other is Wolverine."

--- okay. so which one is which? hehe. kidding! :)

transience said...

i'm trying to figure out which one looks like adrian.

Fist said...

I didn't know a bad haircut can turn your hair grey.

Clair said...

haircut lang ba? or change in hair color too? ;)