Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Luv Ko To

"Proof? You want proof? See for yourself!"

Aga winced as the burly ex-heavyweight champion pulled off his blindfold.

Despite his vehement denial, the mafia showed no mercy when they discovered his treachery.

"Familiar?! This is against all we stand for!!"

A bloody eye opens...

There it was…

The BigMac, Half-eaten.

No wonder Jollibee was pissed.


That was my 55-word short story.
Quickies can be satisfying sometimes ;)


jillsabs said...

how dare you make fun of my aga!


Jac said...

Can't blame him :) I love big macs myself. But i also love jollibee's with their pineapple slice.

Ri said...

I just joined cre-w and I haven't had time to write the 55-word thingy. ;)

I still can't stand the (now-defunct?) Aloha burger. Sorry. :[