Friday, September 17, 2004

FAQ. Why Cant I post?

Yes, I havent posted in a while.

Yes, I was busy.

Yes, it was work related.

Yes, the world turned around once more and poor Soloflite was not able to record the blog version of it.

Yes, Murphy came back with a vengeance these past few weeks and messed up each and every plan of mine.

Yes, I know -- "Murphy's Law happens to everyone"

Yes, there was another mishap involving airplanes, delayed flights and things being left in the airport of origin.

Yes, there was a freak elevator-shutting-down-while-you're-in-it incident again. Yes, I am claustrophobic.

Yes, there was another freak driving accident this week which totalled yet another part of my car and involving a drunken driver who smashed into the car in front of me before going my way.

Yes, the police were involved, but this time I came in peace.

Yes, of course I flashed them the universally accepted Vulcan peace sign before talking.

Yes, I admit there were lots of Divine interventions which saved me time and time again these past weeks.

Yes, I will send my guardian angel a letter of appreciation. Sometime.

Yes, I still follow the UAAP games and threw away a perfectly good chance to show my delightfully wicked glee and bash Ateneo for losing a potential twice-to-beat advantage and having them drop from number 1 to number 3 because of the Archers.

Yes, I didnt even post about their loss to FEU.

Yes, I have something in store for the Blue Eagle Fans on Sunday.

Yes, I didnt write about the sexy Maria Sharapova in her little dress and her losing the US Open to another muscle-clad amazon because she was upset about the Russia Hostage Crisis and how the Cassanova SoloFlite planned to console her.

Yes, that was supposed to be a very juicy post.

Yes, I was THAT busy to write such a juicy post.

So there. To the rest of the blogging world...

Yes, Im sorry.

Yes, I'll try to post sometime soon.

and Yes, I am aching to blog normally again.


wenkgirl. said...

the blogging world: "we've missed you. hurry home-we'll be waiting."

jillsabs said...

i'm waiting... (taps foot impatiently)

Jac said...

Haha! Sounds like a bf trying to apologise to his gf :))

I'll be waiting for the normal blogging after this half-a...

ok, i'll be kind ;)

Jennie said...

i have a feeling your next post will be a long one, to make up for the long break your blog had :p

rache_hell said...

can't wait for more of your eagle-bashing.

April said...

No. I haven't commented to you in a week and half.

Yes. I was extremely busy.

Yes, I still wubba you!

Will be checking-in soon to see what u write.

Anonymous said...

Haha, CUTE post.. Maria Sharapova, ah, sayang.. pati si Andy Roddick, so disappointing (SUPER crush). Hmmm, yup, my birthday's this November. (-:

Post the next entry agad ha! Dami ka fans na naghihintay. (-:

Anonymous said...

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