Sunday, August 12, 2007

The MBA Tryouts

After YEARS of procrastinating, I finally took the plunge and tried my hand at the DLSU Grad School entrance exam for my MBA last saturday.

Just to be sure, I took out the dusty GMAT reviewer I purchased FOUR years ago and reviewed it the night before the exam.

GMAT for dummies: GMAT is a combination of tests on math and verbal intelligence. The score you get here can determine your eligibility for entering US-based graduate schools.

1. It was over 7 years since I last did any mathematical computations MANUALLY. (Damn you Microsoft Excel!!!) I had trouble multiplying by hand and forgot how to DIVIDE.

2. It was over 7 years since I last wrote an essay. By hand. I was hanging out in hospitals the past month and I was starting to envy the penmanship I saw in doctors' prescriptions after I was done with my review.

3. I did not remember how to solve for mathematical problems like "If Peter can do this much work in 20 days, and Paul can do this much work in 10 days, how fast can they do it if they work together?". My brain simply rejected it. Answering this stuff usually copied Peter's manager so Peter would work faster.

4. Questions with "Choose the BEST answer" is evil. Too many brain cells will die in vain trying to solve for it.

5. I make a few mistakes. Diagnostic test puts my GMAT equivalent at... Hmm... Not bad :) Alcohol has not killed off everything in this brain hehe

6. After taking the diagnostic test, I read the next chapter of the book "How to plan to take the test". Hehehehe I check the time. I have six hours before my exam. And I have to sleep.

7. There are three types of plans, depending on the time--- More than 4 weeks, More than 2 weeks But less than 4 weeks, AND Less than 2weeks. Nothing about six hours. I wonder why? hehe Oh well. Minor detail.

8. I try 1 or 2 other excercies. Then I sleep. hehe 90% of the GMAT reviewer was never meant to be read anyway :) If im meant to ace it, then i will (i hope hehe).


What I was thinking while taking the actual exam (In actual order of realization):

1. Woohoo! Over 80% of the examinees are female. Some are actually cute. None have rings.

2. Everyone has at least 2 pencils on their desk. Some geeks have 5 all neatly laid out in front of them. I look at mine. I have ONE and the tip is broken. And I dont have a sharpener.

3. My seatmate has a sharpener. But shes not cute.

4. For the first time in my life I waste a pickup line to get a sharpener. A sharpener! The end is near!!

5. Of the 20% male populace, at least 30% were gay. Less competition for the girls. Hehehehe

6. Even the proctor is gay. No threat there.

7. Essay begins. Writing by hand is soooo... slow...

8. The pencil is an instrument of pure torture. My hand is getting tired and I havent even written down half of what I was thinking.

9. I should have had breakfast. My stomach is growling already...

10. Damn pencil breaks. Lucky for me I now have a sharpener hehe. Pickup line not wasted after all.

11. Pencil broke again. I sharpen again. Pencil shavings start to decorate my desk. I miss my Thinkpad already.

12. Essay is over. 15 minute break.

13. I have 12 texts in my inbox. I reply only to the pretty one (And I'm not only saying she's pretty because she reads this blog hehehe) I grab a quick breakfast at the cafe and silence my stomach.

14. I check the expressions of the cute examinees. Not good. Oh well, lets see who I end up with classmates. Maybe luck will be on my side this time.

15. 2nd part of the test begins. I realize I have not gone to the bathroom. Spider sense tingling.

16. The test is a walk the park. I'm glad im this smart. And high on caffeine.

17. Hmmm mental math. 3 classes per term, 20 students each, mostly girls. All of which have FRIENDS. If I dont like the class, I can drop the class and a new batch of girls will be available the next term... What a hunting ground!!! hehehe

18. After 15 minutes into the 2hr 30 minute test... I realize with horror that I HAVE to go to the bathroom. And the doors are closed.

19. Math is surprisingly easy. 3429/8903X + 2132109/994532Y = 9431241. Solve for... what the heck, I HAVE to go to the bathroom. F@ck it! C sounds like the right answer. C it is.

20. "I HAVE to go to the bathroom!" becomes a mantra.

21. "F@ck it! C sounds good. " also becomes a mantra.

22. My mental fortitude reaches the breaking point. I pass my papers and go for the bathroom. Oh well, theres always next term :)

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