Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life in 24x7

Insomnia + Writers Block = This post

Time. Who knows how long its been?

Seems I've been living almost 24x7 for the past few months. I am stressed, I am relaxed. My weight fluctuates by + or - 5lbs every week. And no, I'm not in the best of health.

Life has given me a rude awakening, worked me hard and partied me harder, kicked me down and picked me up, slapped me around and kissed me goodnight.

And now it gives me Insomnia.

So here I am... Tired, confused and waiting for the next day it would bring.

But there wont be a ray of sunshine just waking me up tomorrow...

I am out here tonight, eyes wide open, forcing the day to dawn myself.


Alina said...

Yup, it sucks big time. Try milk, a book, calming tea, and if all fails, find a good TV series to keep you company, depending on your taste. I chose Grey's Anatomy a while ago. Luckily, the whole insomnia issue did not last long

Lysistrata said...

i hope you get to relax soon. take care.

cat-ing-ka said...

hahahahah! i've missed your blog ;)

cat-ing-ka said...

PS: the laughter was for your post "the list". hilarious. thought i was writing in that comment box. my bad! :)

cat with the fiddle said...

hey, glad to rediscover your blog. i've been around your entries some 2 years ago or so. in a different name and in different circumstances :)

insomnia leads to some of the most bizarre dreams. that is, if you have dreams in between your waking and sleeping hours. there was a time when i made like salvador dali and kept a notepad within convenient reach of my bed at all times. so when i start in the middle of the night from weird visions, i write or sketch them quickly.