Friday, April 20, 2007

Random Koala Thoughts

"I'm sleepy. Let me just grab this branch and... ZzzzzzZ"

Why you might consider becoming koala in your next life:

  1. Their whole mission in life is to eat, sleep and be role models for stuffed toys everywhere. They sleep 20 hours a day, and while awake, do nothing but eat and have sex.
  2. Look at the picture... even if they look like drunk little bastards out from another late night drinking binge... they still look cute!
  3. Despite being useless members of society, their government even encourages their existence, makes them a national treasures and prosecutes anyone trying to smuggle them out of the country.

Yup. We humans are missing out on a lot of things...


Anonymous said...

"and while awake"...

too bad, you didn't see the sex part then. voyeuristic biologoists suspect that's when the expend the energy they've mustered while sleeping.


the showroom manager said...

after watching a tv segment about koalas, i had second thoughts.

koalas need a complex enzyme in their digestive system and they use this to churn poisonous eukalyptus leaves.

so where do they get the enzyme? they get it from their parents.

how? they eat their feces :) all in the name of survival.


BRAD said...

to eat? sleep 2o hrs? and woke up do notin but eat agen and have sex? hmmm in my second life i want to be a koala! hehehe

Alina said...

Starting today, I am a Koala...It's official now :P