Friday, March 23, 2007

All you need for all out summer fun!

You know you're gonna have a great weekend when you're just stocking up on 'em summer essentials :P Those guys at Watsons sure know how to have fun.
Kidding aside, this site has really been gathering cobwebs. Bigtime! The last post I actually wrote was almost a year ago and featured another summer misadventure in hawaii.
One year. During that time, I've been goin around and been havin the time of my life! I had my feasts and famines and ups and downs on a helluva rollercoaster ride of a year. I've gained new friends, lost some old (mostly due to them migrating or marrying someone) and in some cases, reunited old ties.
Ive jetsetted to LA, India, Hongkong, Singapore and Indonesia (a ton of stories to come after this). I've gotten fat, am getting fit and I've dabbled in new sports like GOLF (Good lord, the end is near!), Futsal and Karting.
One year. A year of staring down at this raging bull called life and taking it by the horns... Never minding the wounds, never minding the pain. Just showing the beast who's boss and wrestling it down to the ground. One big bullfight of a year.
And it has gone unpublished.
Not for long.


joy said...

"not for long"---- your 'soon' took one year, so this means 2 years? =D

solo flite said...

Very soon yon! Next post ko in 3 years :P

Alina said...

Looking forward to juicy details :P Hope it takes less than 3 years though ;)

banzai cat said...

Hehe welcome back man!