Saturday, December 11, 2004

Totally Random Thoughts

Pardon the incoherent thoughts. Been through a lot lately.

While playing billiards, I realized that I tend to miss the easiest of shots but have a knack for getting the "miracle shots" in. Geez. Is that a curse or what?

Does this mean that deep inside, I really want complicate my life?

My best writings are always unexpected, unplanned and always, always uncalled for. Give me a deadline, I'll miss it. Give me a topic, I'll stray away from it. Give me an outline, I'll bastardize the damn thing.

I guess Im never gonna be a REAL writer. So i'll just do it for fun :)

Talked with a fellow blogger the other night. He's a minor celebrity in some spheres, and thus has a number of grudging admirers. And they tend to flame him for the most minor of things.

Like one time he posted about how he could have used his rent money instead for a downpayment for a new car. His comments were like "You deserve to die cocksucker! ...blah blah... dont talk that way about money like we arent in a 3rd world country... blah blah"

God, Im thankful for my, now i realize this, more docile and appreciative readership. The worst I got was death threats from the PMS mafia from this post.

In a sick sense of a way, I like the storm Yoyong. His gatecrashing served as a great wakeup call for all of us to rethink what the hell we've been doing all this time.

Pacman chewed up Fahsan. Definitely cannonfodder.

I think I'll get myself a Sony Ericsson K700 for christmas (more like, will ask SMART to give it to me for free hehe).

Damn. I just reminded myself of Christmas shopping.

Bah humbug.

Got home at 5am after partying at V-bar. Woke up at 3pm with a helluva headache.

Months ago, I would have woke up at 7 with no hangover whatsoever. My resistance to gimmick and alcohol is really going down. This is bad.

My wisdom tooth has a cavity. It scrapes my jaw from time to time. And its located at the back of my mouth so no dentist wants to do a decent root canal or filling for it. Looks like I have to have it extracted or just live with the constant pain.

Damn, and with me allergic to Alaxan.

Visited a friend earlier.

His 6-year old special child is confined right now for cancer and it looks really bad. The doctors say they could have prevented it if it was diagnosed earlier, but being autistic, the poor kid had no way of telling his parents how much pain he was in. He would just cry all alone until one day the parents were concerned because he couldnt even walk anymore. It was only then, after a battery of tests that they found out he had a mass the size of a DUMB BELL (yes. that big) in his abdomen.

Pls include him in your prayers. He'll really need a miracle.


G! said...

see? toldja we're getting old.

...what's with kids and cancer? second one i read today. sigh. it just isnt fair for someone so young to be afflicted with it.

Jennie said...

as i was reading your entry, i had thought about what i was gonna comment on, but when i got to the end, everything i thought of was forgotten because all i could think about is how painful the situation is for the little kid and for his parents. :(

my mom has been battling CA for 7 years and i know how difficult it is. i will add your friend's son to my daily prayers. God bless!

solo flite said...

G: Yeah. At least with adults you could always blame it on something (smoking, alcohol, cholesterol, stress..etc) But what do you say to a little kid??!

and oh yeah... IM NOT THAT OLD!

Jennie : Thanks :)

transience said...

life's a bitch. most of the time. some days, it's just not worth getting through. hope things turn out ok for your friend's kid.

JriDDles said...

It is Saint Peregrine for cancer victims. Visit for intercessions.

the NBA Addict said...

"Does this mean that deep inside, I really want complicate my life?"

Not really dude, you just dont bother with the simple stuff. Challenge seekers tayo e.

which is why we complicate stuff para mas mahirap >:)

Constance said...

Demented you may be. Dad died of cancer in 1990. Hope the kid enjoys what time he has left. From what I saw it won't be easy. Still gotta be better than a gave marker for your friend and not even trying to imagine the thereafter again. Sounds hopeless. Right. Maybe he'll cure ok. Wannabe writer from way back before I can remember.

the_artist said...

Funny posts. Makes me wonder what my own random thoughts are :p

As for your friend's kid, I'm shocked. I mean, like you said, as adults we can blame something like smoking or drinking or whatnot. How do you explain it happening to a 6-year old kid? (I have a plethora of insults I could throw to all the polluters in the world but I think it still wouldn't be enough). All I can do is hope things turn out ok for him and his kid.

Denise said...

AHA!!!!! someone was at VBar.

Jac said...

My bro's autistic. That sucks. We hope for the best.

solo flite said...

Transcience: Yup. its a bitch alright

Jriddles: Theres a saint for everything huh?

Wilf: Yeah. Hmm... Challenge seekers...

***momentary flashbacks of Creekjumping, Slugracing, Dorm Bonfires, Chinese getups in the field...etc...etc ****

Yep. Challenge Seekers alright...

Ancethcal - Yup.

Art- Exactly

Denise - AHA! Someone WASN'T at VBar! :)

Jac- Thanks. I think my Bro's are autistic too :)

hipstah said...

re billiards: hehe i'm like that, too. not with billiards but with other things. for example, text twist, i get the hard words but i tend to suck at the easiest ones. hahahaha.

writing: same here. hate deadlines. they make my writing ugly and un-natural.

comments: eto naman lumayo ka pa. tignan mo kaya yung comments sakin. kahit na hindi naman napakacontroversial, may isa talagang didisagree for the sake of annoying me, maybe? haha. argh. kaya minsan kakabwisit mag blog pero i won't give it up because of my love for writing.

phone: can you gimme one, too?:D

vbar: awwww...hate hangovers. but alcohol is alcohol. we need it once in a while:D

wisdom tooth: SHUCKS!!!! i can take any pain but toothache. try ponstan (500). awwww...sakit niyan. i used to cry everyday because of that. i'd even wake up from my sleep because of that.

special kid: oh my god...kawawa naman...i'll pray for him...

LOVE THIS POST SOLO! sure you can post my onli in the pilipins post :)