Monday, May 23, 2005

Hard to Tell, What make of this movie, To

Just watched Star Wars episode 3 last night...

Im still making up my mind about how I found it, but a friend and I were discussing how the Prequels had been too, shall we say, limited.

The world of Star Wars could have been expounded so much more had George Lucas NOT concentrated on Darth Vader's ascent to power. I mean, he did make it clear that the prequels would be all about Darth Vader right?

What if he stepped back and made something similar to the "Animatrix" or some non-Darth Vader related prequels. What would these look like?

Here are some of the titles of the Star Wars titles (or at least ideas) that could have been part of the prequels (not all are GP-rated hehe) :

* Idea: Chronicles of Yoda (this would be a full-blown series hehe)

* Sith Happens
Hmmm... How many Sith Lords are there... really? There were like 2 sith lords vs. tons of jedi in all the prequels...

* The Bikini-clad women in the life of Jabba the Hut --- A documentary

* The Jedi Night Scandal: The Younglings bare it all

* Shaggy, the Groovy Wookie Jedi (Or something like an Austin Powers Jedi Knight)

* Idea: The Swashbuckling adventures of Han Solo (And Chewy)

* Kama Sithra - (1001 enjoyable ways to use the Dark Side of the Force)

* Idea: The exploits of Mace Windu (he looked really cool, but I expected more action and killer lines from Samuel L. Jackson)


Oh yeah... I compared it with my "spoof" here:

I got some things right :)
1. Chewbacca DID have a cameo
2. Anakin was jealous of other Jedi's "lightsabers"
3. Anakin did use a Blue light saber even as Darth Vader
4. Anakin wasted Mace Windu
5. Padme didnt wear a bikini (darn!)
6. Darth Vader went "Nooooooooo!" in the ending

the main difference I guess was at least in MY version, it was easy to understand why Anakin scorned the Jedi and turned to the Sith :)


transience said...

did i tell you that you were effing brilliant? no? okay, you are effing brilliant. (damn you)

olrayt said...

haha galing! :) sulat kang libro. tapos pag mayaman ka na pautangin mo ako hehe

-raindrops- said...

chronicles of yoda. ha! that would surely make my A-list.

the NBA Addict said...

The adventures of han solo? Modern-day miami vice.

congrats on getting the most important part of ep3 right! Which one? #5 of course! :D

hera said...

while i loved star wars 3, i sure would find these possible mini-prequels a box office hit! hehe!

and i agree that windu could have more exciting scenes there.

and plo koon-- he's an interesting character. too bad they just showed how he died.

Celeste said...

I dig the Han Solo and Chewy adventure but I think it would be more interesting if Mr. Lucas will reveal the REAL score between the two. Something fishy I sense with that two. And I think Golum is Yoda embracing the dark force.

Anonymous said...

Though while this movie it was good, it did not spark the flow of the original dark movie; Empire. Though the fight scenes alone were excellent. As for other adventures I would say watch "Clone Wars", its an animated version of what happened after Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Btw, General Grevious was more sinister and fluid in the cartoon version...then again he wasn't injured hehe.


Alina said...

This post is hilarious! But I still can't decide if I should or shouldn't make the time to see the movie...But I'd make tons of time for your prequels!

Clare said...

sheesh, i think i'm the only one who hasn't seen this movie yet!

jon said...

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