Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The highs and lows of the past 24 hours

Finally got hit by "THE IDEA" while driving. Found myself suddenly swirling with scenes from my Palanca entry and I just had to stop at the nearest table and just let the visions play all in my head and write it down.

So there I was, 11pm last night, fresh out of the gym in typical "pambahay" porma of shorts, a shirt and slippers and with my hair stupidly air-dried, waltzing into KFC and ordering a HotShots meal. Then asking the counter girl if i could Please, please borrow her pen.

I dont know if it was fate, my goo goo eyes, or the sheer idiocity of the moment that made her give me her pen but it worked like a charm. Got her pen, sat down and collected all the placemats of the surrounding table. Next thing I know i was like a man possessed: scribbling, drawing and basically filling up the backs of those paper placemats with ideas while chowing down on the anti-Gym meal I ordered. And I was pretty sure those folks in KFC were all curious as to what I was doing. Mental note: never show my face there again.

The whole thing kept up for an hour (and two drinks, three meals and a chocolate mousse later) before I was finally done. Now all I need to do is make sense of the chicken scratches I'm now currently deciphering and do my job as a Typer and submit my crammed work before the April 29 deadline.

Weird. Not that it was the first time i did something like that... but I couldnt seem remember the last time it happened to me. Inspiration comes like gusts now, nothing like the gentle flow of before...

Lets see if the muses are really coming back for good.

Had my 5th steak this week at Hot Rocks. Each one with a more colorful story than the last (or was it an unconscious rationalization?) as to why I just had to pass by that place. Damn, that stuff is addicting!

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with it, its now my favorite un-conyo steakhouse in AutoCamp, in Ortigas avenue. Its motto is "no-frills, just good food". For good reason.

Though you can get better ambiance in ChowKing, the main reason people go there is that you get to be served a large slab of juicy steak as low as 130 pesos!!! And after that, theres this little shop nearby that sells the most affordable chocolate sponge cake around.

Mmmm... Cholesterol and sugar fix in one go. Did I tell you they serve beer there too?

Yeah, thats another day off my life expectancy.

Damn power surge fried my PS2 and half the lights in our house!

And just when I plunked around 8k for the stupid hard disk.

Ugh. Now im depressed.


John said...

Ha ha ha @ The Idea.

I had moments like that. Since it isn't very often that an actual idea would pop in my head so I'll try to capture the moment while it is still fresh in my mind. As a result, I once showed up in a meeting and had to read my notes from a bunch of cocktail napkins. Oh well. ;)

Your steak post suddenly made me reminisce of Steak Town. Bukas pa ba yun?

transience said...

i told you i would give you back your muses. you never ever believed me. ever.

the NBA Addict said...

Hot rocks. good.

Beer - price increased from P20 to P28 (or is it P30?) per bottle. Boo.

Autocamp is actually our unofficial after-office hangout :)

-raindrops- said...

i'll be in ortigas later. your plug is working. i suddenly wanna try that steak place...

Mr Charisma said...

You can still resurrect your PS2, just bring it to Greenhills and look for the shop EYO. Best PS2 repair shop in the country. Look for Eric.

And they're legit, they sell unmodified, wrapped-in-Sony-scotch-tape PS2 units.

solo flite said...

john: haha yeah. gotta ride the wave while you can ;) Steaktown? hmm... not sure which one you mean sorry.

TRans: I did. really.

Wilf: Aha! So ikaw din pala! :P Too bad the beer prices went up. Oh well.

Rain: Glad u liked it :)

Mon: Yup. Eric was the guy who modified my PS2 (back when he was still with Nautilus) and setup my hard disk recently. He also patched up my PS2, complete with lens cleanup and recalibration) for only 200 pesos! Cool dude.

I definitely recommend EYO for all PS2 concerns.

rhapsody said...

I forgot, you were supposed to ask me some stuff connected to your Palanca idea... Text me again, we'll chat...