Sunday, November 07, 2004

Revisiting Friendster

Until recently, I had pretty much given up on Friendster (yes, despite this earlier post) because of the irritatingly slow message system and the number of unfamiliar faces sending messages or asking to be my friend out of the blue.

Of course, blogging too had a hand at my falling out with Friendster. Posts and comments were just way more interesting and dynamic than testimonials (plus i kinda got used to rejecting unflattering testimonials hehe), and the tagboard actually made for better messaging. Overall, if you want a window to a netizens soul, you go to the blog, not the friendster page.

But then again, theres a nifty feature that was added recently that shows you which of your friends has a birthday coming up.

Take Wilf for example (scroll down my Links site... its Wilf the NBA Addict/...something).

His birthday cake popped up last week in Friendster, so I expect ex-roomies/classmates/batchmates/girlfriends/blockmates and evil gay twins to just bombard his site with birthday greetings demanding the freely flowing alcoholic party we rightly deserve.

Would I have remembered his birthday without Friendster? Of course. But its more fun if more people remember.... so we could coerce the blowouts easier.

That in itself should be a reason to check out Friendster once in a while at least.

And oh yeah, Advanced/Belated Happy Birthday Wilf. Libre!!!! Hehe :D


the NBA Addict said...

Thanks dude.

sige inuman tayo... o libre kita ng dimsum? naaah :)

kat said...

I like that new feature. Unless you're a member of my immediate family or my best friend, I won't remember your birthday. I suck in remembering dates.

eClair said...

True. Blogging is indeed much more preferrable to me than Friendster.

I have been talking about that with several of my friends. I am on Friendster but I don't post so much. And I agree with your reasons.

Anyways, nice blog you have!

Sedricke said...

ayos nga ung bagong pakana ng friendster. napipilitan tuloy manlibre mga tao. wehehehe.

pero cyempre blogging pa rin. ;)

Kat said...

Yeah, Friendster still has its charms.

Noel Perlas said...

Funny, I just read this entry after you commented on our site. Yup in the bigger scheme of things, blogging is better than friendster. We have our own community too. :) keep on blogging!

Jac said...

I'd still rather you blog ;) call me selfish.